Well this is the 2nd technical problem in less than 4 days, NOW it's the images that won't load. I can't get any of my images to load, they just stay blank. I'm using IE browser, just checked them a few hours ago and they were fine so this is something that apparently happened within the last few hours. Anyone else experiencing this?
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Same problem here! I usually have about 6 or 7 pictures per auction and only a couple of them are loading, and none of them show up in supersize!!! I had auctions closing tonight and I know I lost sales because I had a possible customer send me a message with an offer of less than my starting price just because they couldn't see the item!!! I love the free hosting, but with all the problems I'm not sure it's worth it anymore considering the loss of eBay fees!
This is just a typical problem here on good ol' Auctiva. It's what you get for free I'm afraid. We've all complained and written tech support. So far nothing gets changed.

Don't fret, the pictures do come back...in due time and all is beautiful in the world. (Note the sarcasm)

Why does this keep happening? It's an ongoing problem that doesn't seem to be getting better. Is there an explination you can give to the community as to what is being done to correct this ongoing problem? Perhaps it would quell the ill will that presents itself here.

I am so glad they do not charge for this service. We love the service when it is working but suspect that this on going problem is costing us about $500.00 in sales a month. We already lost our powerseller status due to this and other defects. Hopefully this problem will be cured soon before we lose any more customers.
Hmm, I agree, it's great when it's working, but I too am seeing a definate impact from the picture loss. Without a picture, my items will not sell. I hope this is fixed soon. My season is short, and I can't really afford to keep listing hundreds of items and have them not sell because of the pics not showing. The pics need to be there 100% of the time. An ebay buyer will only click your auction once to see what it is, and if there is no pic it won't hold their interest and they will move on to the next seller.
I've been researching alternatives. For cost effectiveness, Auctiva can't be beat. But in the long run, for an established business, there are other options that would be more appropriate I think. There are out of pocket costs, sure. But the guaranteed uptime may be worth it. I know I might be making a move.
Anotehr thing I have considered is hosting my own photos. Since auctiva now supports external image hosting it might be a way to go.

The big question is, if the image server goes down on their side, will the thumbnails still show up?

I guess I'll have to give it a shot and see. Funny thing is I'll have to hope their system goes down again so I can test it. How ironic. LOL
I just spent the last few minutes revising my listings to take out the images hosted by Auctiva and removing the store window.
I have my images hosted with photobucket and will keep that. They have a much better uptime and if there are any issues, it never lasts long.
I will continue to use Auctiva for listing, but not for images.
This is the message I just got from Auctiva...


Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. I apologize for the inconvenience.

This is a known issue to us and our engineers are working on the same. This should be resolved within 20 Minutes.

Your patience in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Thank you,
Auctiva Support.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed 20 minutes because I have SUCCESSFUL auctions ending in an hour that nobody can see. I'm so frustrated... grrr
They may be a 'free' site but Aucitva gets funding from eBay; it would behoove them to get off their 'dairy airs' and get this rectified as us poor slobs are losing *cheese* here! I'm off on a med leave right now from my job; this is my only source of income! Get the pics going-puuuullleeezzzzeeeee!
ok, could somebody with a bit of experience give me some advice.

i only starrted yesterday to use auctiva, now the images are playing up.

is this a common problem?

how frequent does this happen?

i ask as if this site is that bad then i will just use the basic ebay stuff like i was using!
DT, when Auctiva is good, they are very very good, but when when they are are NOT, lol well, this is what happens! I've been on here since May and this is the 3rd or 4th time this has happened! Yikes. I just wish they would post a big ol' notice about it, like we don't know what's going on?!? DUH? Just quit teh 'secret squirrel buisness already!

TinyPic is another quic pic image host thru PhotoBucket-no registration-easy as pie-one pic at a time kind of dealie....

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