I have had a customer claim she has not received a package, which USPS delivery confirmation says was delivered on 7/26. I am having post office check further, but anticipating I will need to file a claim. I see on the U-Pic claim form they ask for the delivery confirmation number.
Has anyone had experience with this?
If U-Pic sees that USPS says delivered, will they still pay?
Customer says "sometimes the postman delivers to the wrong address so she needs to see the signature of the person who received the package". Of course there is no signature with delivery confirmation.
I will be filing the claim and including the documents U-PIC requires - the buyer's claim and fraud statement - but
Has anyone out there filed a claim under these circumstances - and more importantly was it paid?
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Hi Geo,
I had a similar experience earlier this year, when a package i sent was claimed to have been not received by the buyer. The delivery confirmation said it was though, and I went ahead and filed the claim with upic.
Because the buyer had to sign an affidavit that they did not receive the package, i was able to get reimbursed (pretty quickly too), and then reimbursed the buyer for their purchase price. I was kinda mad because I didn't know for certain if the package really was mis-delivered, and the buyer was trying to get a "two-fer". But the buyer was happy, and I guess that's really all I could hope for. At least I wasn't out the merchandise AND the purchase price that I refunded to the buyer. I seriously doubt that if I had used the post office's insurance that they would've paid me a dime lol! That would've been admitting guilt on their part. Anything I ship now that has a value of over $100 I pay the extra for the signature confirmation, in addition to insurance, just to C.M.A.! Hope it works out for you!

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