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Hi All,

I have enabled Auctiva Insurance. When I want to post a new listing do I click on the button that says "insurance not offered" on the Auctiva listing page? Or do I click on the button that says "Insurance Optional"? I only want to use Auctiva's Insurance.
Thanks for your help in this matter. Steve123
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So, i have enabled all the automatic shipping options, just like shown in the shipping video.

I just sold an item, the customer paid for it, i shipped it and marked it as shipped( auctiva already had my tracking #).

Now, the problem is that it is not saying that the package is insured.

I need help ASAP on this because i have 30 more items up which are ending tomorrow.

thank you.
Hi SaadA,

Thanks for letting us know about this. If the item in question in a cellular phone, which I believe is most likely the case based on my review of your account, then I'm afraid you will not be able to purchase shipping insurance for the item through Auctiva. Unfortunately, our insurance underwriter will not insure the shipment of cell phones as described in the Terms of Service you can find by clicking the following link:

On the other hand, if the item you are referring to is something that does not appear on this exclusion list, you should be able to purchase an Auctiva shipping insurance policy to cover the item manually by locating the item on your Transactions page (under the Sales) tab and clicking the "Add Insurance" link next to it.

In that case, we could also look into why an Auctiva shipping insurance policy was not generated to cover the item automatically if you contact our customer support team by mousing over the "Help" tab within your account and selecting the "File Support Case" option.


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