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I'm havin a blast! This is how Auctiva should be. I've been breezing thru listings left & right, no hangups, no error pages, no frozen screens, no signing in a thousand times.
What happened? Smile It's actually perfect! Hope it's like this for everyone
(And boy I hope I didn't just jinx myself!)
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We made some significant performance improvements a few nights ago. Thank you for hanging in there. I know the past few weeks had been very frustrating.

The site has been very fast everytime I've got on since, even during peak times. We'll see tomorrow but I think this will be a fast Sunday without the slowdown that had been happening. Knock on wood.

We're already working on some more behind the scenes things to ensure the site stays this fast as we continue to grow and add features. Those should be happening in the next 2-3 weeks and not be noticable except for a few maintenance periods late at night while we take the database offline to do some of the work.
Thanks for the improvements!

I was alble to list last night (Saturday), but had some problems this morning (Sunday). However, things did seem to get fixed within the hour.

I have found sometimes switching between IE and Firefox helps with some slowness or errors. I normall use Firefox, but was expereinceing some slowing, so i switched to IE, and everything was great.

Thanks again!
this is the error:
Server Application Unavailable
The web application you are attempting to access on this web server is currently unavailable. Please hit the "Refresh" button in your web browser to retry your request.

Administrator Note: An error message detailing the cause of this specific request failure can be found in the application event log of the web server. Please review this log entry to discover what caused this error to occur.
NOT AGAIN! Me, too. I'm once again spending my Sunday getting my hopes up for a productive listing spree only to encounter a battle to use AUCTIVA to do so. I wrote a thread a week or so ago and had given up on AUCTIVA with plans to move on to a more dependable listing service, but having been around and faithful to AUCTIVA for a year now, I decided to remain patience and for a bit longer. But, now, today, here we go again....

I tried to find the reason for the same message you have posted that I get on my screen as well, but instead, to my surprise or call it SHOCK, I stumbled upon a site that is run by the same team of people where one must select a paid subscription service that are similar to what we have been using here complimentary.

So, what is the question that pops into my mind immediately? Is the constant battle and notice of maintenance down times a ploy to detour us to sign-up for a paid service instead? I just don't know. I sincerely am asking if this could be because the time time and energy I am loosing week after week putting my faith in AUCTIVA is costing me in more ways than just profit loss.

Have I been foolish to expect AUCTIVA to be what they say they are? Can anyone please explain what is going on?
what I do if something goes wrong is click "back" in my browser, back to the edit listing (if that's not where you are already), then above the editor click "text mode" then copy all the code & your description, and paste it to a word processor. That way if something goes badly wrong you won;t have to lose your description. You can even paste your title & category number.
Originally posted by Auctiva Jeff:
We made some significant performance improvements a few nights ago. Thank you for hanging in there. I know the past few weeks had been very frustrating.

"Significant performance improvement," he says. What, has the "studied understatement" come back in style?

Somebody slipped some Colorado Rocket-Fuel to the servers, or something. Who-o-o-o-o-shhhhh!

Man, this is the only way to travel. Hat's off to the gang in CA!

Jeff, sure hope you and the gang are sitting back and enjoying all of these wonderful messages as you worked so hard to deserve them! The boards may get a bit nasty sometimes when the natives are restless but when you put forth an effort such as today...well, they sure let you know they're happy! I for one, am going to do my little part by keeping my Auctiva pages clean and uncluttered. Ended listings will be deleted (those that I will never use again) and I will go through my photos at least once a week and delete what won't be used again. If all of us kept our little corner of Auctiva all clean and tidy maybe that will help the guys a little bit. Wink
I personally am an organized soul and naturally keep everything I do up-to-date as suggested. But, everyone operates differently and if AUCTIVA business is going to grow and prosper than they will need to meet the needs of all kinds of users which I don't question they are aware and plan to do as businessmen. Their most valuable tool to be a success is to hear the good or bad experiences of their customers. That's business!

I can honestly say that tonight was the first time in a year that I have been able to use AUCTIVA and not have SOMETHING go terribly wrong while doing so. This afternoon was yet the same nightmare when I first posted on this thread, but this evening was a dream. After a year of waiting and remaining faithful, I hope everyone with tonight's example of supreme operation that everyone can now reap their rewards -- including AUCTIVA team in favorable exposure and growth vs. what has been happening.

I am keeping my fingers crossed! I feel things are probably on track now but I won't fib and pretend I don't still have "some" hesitation.

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