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I have 2 recurring aggravations:
- Longstanding inconvenience, maybe I should have suggested as *improvement*. No way afaics to reorder images. You can only delete them & start over. Can be real pain if you want replace, say #1 &/or #2 but keep others in their place. If the others are old, no easy way to locate them if your images not organized. You can't even get image name to filter for it afaics.

- Lately "Ebay Optional Images" keeps barging into my saved listings, unasked, maybe even unseen. Until I am surprised by result in Preview. Tonite I get listing with wrong gallery image on ebay. Mad I first thought caused by saving a draft that had it. No, no, no. It comes out of nowhere. Whack a'Mole! How do I kill this creature?
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Hello ukidnme$ -

I am sorry to hear that you have encountered difficulties with the recent change we made to the site where the Optional eBay Gallery Images are now selected for use in listings by default.

We made this change for a number of reasons and it should not adversely affect your account or listings. Please keep in mind that using the Optional eBay Gallery Images is free, there is no additional charge from either us or eBay. (Note that the Gallery Plus feature that eBay offers is different, and usually includes an addtional eBay fee and can be turned on if you wish to use it in the Marketing section of the lister page).

Having theses optional images on in your listings ensures your images are displayed on all platforms including mobile and the eBay mobile app, where other images and descriptions do not show up on the main page when a listing is first displayed. Also, having multiple free gallery images positively affects eBay search results for your items and allows users (specifically on mobile platforms) the ability to more easily assess the item you are selling and can decrease the possibility of buyer dissatisfaction, which ultimately helps seller performance standards; please see

As for the issue you mention with reordering images, you can reorder images in the uploader prior to clicking Done in the uploader after you have clicked Upload by dragging and dropping your images in the lower pane of the uploader. However, I have also forwarded a feature request on to our Product Management team for an ability to reorder images for a listing on the listing creation page for their consideration.

- Craig
Thanks for the feedback on both of these items. For item #1, we are currently working on an enhancement to allow easier reordering of images in the lister. So keep an eye out, this should get easier soon.

For item #2, we recently enabled the optional eBay gallery by default. This was a highly requested feature by our users, provides significant benefit to your listings for buyer mobile viewing and is now always free for up to 12 images. It should only default on new listings (not when created from a saved listing or saved listings that didn't previously have the free ebay gallery enabled), so if you have a specific use case or listing, please open a support case and we can take a look.

Thanks again for the feedback.
Hello ukidnme$,

I’m happy to announce that today we released the Optional eBay Gallery Image account preference setting. This allows you to choose whether or not the feature is enabled or disabled for new listings.

By default this setting is disabled but if you would like to change that, you can do so on the Account Preference page.

Thanks for turning it off, but still has problems.

#1: When you had it "ON" and I did not catch it and then later I want to do a simular auction it is still "ON"

#2: I put up the same auction and turned it "OFF" then I checked on the revise an auction on ebay's site it was back ON again. I believe that once it was turned ON it will not turn OFF.

Fortunately ebay did not charge me extra for this feature, even though their web site shows fees for this.
Hello cyberdan -

Apologies for any difficulty with the Optional eBay Gallery images settings.

While we did have the setting enabled for all account previously, we have now made it an account preference where you can select to have the optional eBay Gallery images set as on or off by default for your account. If the option was on (at that time) in a listing, it would have remained on had you used create similar or used the Saved Listing as a basis to create a new listing.

Please note that making adjustments to your account preferences would cause the setting to be applied for new listings going forward from the time you change the preference, but this would not affect saved listings where the option was already on (or off). For already Saved Listings, if you are making a change to your account preferences regarding these images, you would need to adjust the listings themselves and save them if they have been saved with the option set other than you are currently setting your account preferences.

If you have difficulty getting this to save on an already existing Saved Listing or have difficulties with new listings after you have updated your account preferences, please feel free to file a support case letting us know the specific listing or area where you encounter trouble and we will be happy to look into it for you.

The Optional eBay Gallery images are a cost free option on eBay, I believe that the fees you refer to are for the Gallery Plus feature which has to do with the way your Gallery images (the ones that show on the search results page, not on the actual listing) show.

- Craig
Thanks for earlier help. One minor irritation remains for me. When I "create a similar listing" it means replacing the images. If I just scroll down the page the obvious first thing to do is "remove all images". This always triggers a nuisance pop-up, objecting at what will happen to the Gallery images. !? There is a Cancel option & one other, but both useless b/c they don't lead to anything useful. The only fix afaik is to first delete the Gallery option, which seems like tail-wagging-dog. Then it's all OK. But I've forgot to do it do this, not really logical or convenient.
Hello ukidnme$ -

you are welcome.

I can certainly understand the desire to have the Remove All Images link remove the optional eBay gallery images as well when creating a similar listing, and so have passed your comments along as a feature request to our Product Management team for their consideration and will update this thread when more information regarding this issue becomes available. Apologies for any inconvenience.

- Craig

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