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Yes, here it is. 15 cent listings. Oh thank you eBay

Last year it was 10 cents, and the year before too.

Prior to that it was called a FREE LISTING DAY and was considered a THANK YOU to all of eBay's customers (IE: Sellers). Shows you how they feel about us.

This year, in addition to being 15 cents, buy-it-now is NOT included.

Just another example of how eBay sucks. Wait till the end of January till they raise fees again...
Fixed price is included but Buy It Now is not.

If you did a Fixed Price auction then it is set at only one price. You see one price, Say $9.99, and that is all you can get for it. There are no bids.

If you did an auction with Buy It Now you would see 2 prices. The starting price say .99 cents and a buy it now price say $99. They have 2 options. Buy it at $99 or start a bid at .99 which would effectively remove the buy it now. That is unless a reserve is placed on it.
Well, looks like they added around 5-6 million listings with the sale. I guess every December auctions dip to around 9 million and pick back up after the sale. Im just wondering after the sale if eBay is going to pick back up this time around? I wonder if another FEE hike is around the corner?

I believe in the UK they give sellers a much bigger notice of when the sale is going to happen and its usually 2 days. In the States they let you know the day before and it only lasts 1 day.
Two store hikes last year was enough for me.

Yep..I would almost bet my last dollar that eBay will up fees. <blech>

I closed one store last year and retired 2 IDs and I don't wanna have to close another store AND retire another ID.

I have 6 eCrater stores which do well, but nothing compared to what I see from eBay. I hate, hate, hate when they raise fee's.

I still wish Auctiva would give us ecrater type stores with html and more capacities such as Google checkout.

Oh well, I can dream, can't I?

UK gets more notice than we do.

That's why I state to the members to have a folder ready of auctions ready to go at the last minute when eBay SPRINGS a sale on us.

Numbers are majorly fluctuating on PSU.

Here's the link for the PSU/Powersellersunite numbers we're talking about. It's a great site with maybe not up to the minute numbers but it's a great gauge of the happenings at some of the other auctions sites along with eBay.

Happy New Year!
Hi Rows - you are half right - we do get 2 or sometimes three days notice of a 10p listing day here (maybe because they know we are a bit slow on the uptake), however we have never had the opportunity to list for two consecutive days as far as I am aware. I have noticed that (apart from the time difference) that the US and UK days are always the same ....

Happy New Year to all Auctiva users and management.
Just got E-mail notification of eBay fee increases, which are now .40-cent insertion fee and 3.25% final value fee - up from .35-cents and 3.00%.

Here's what Bill Cobb, president of eBay North America, had to say:

"An important part of any business strategy is the regular evaluation of pricing structure. From time to time, we make pricing changes to correct unhealthy dynamics in the eBay marketplace, as was the case last July. Typically, however, we make changes on an annual basis at the beginning of the year.

"Today, I'm here to tell you about fee adjustments for and eBay Motors which go into effect on January 30, 2007.

"Let me say that, while we believe these changes are modest, we consider any changes that may impact our sellers with great care. These adjustments are the result of careful analysis and we believe they're the right thing to do to keep the marketplace strong for our and eBay Motors sellers."

C'mon, Bill. "Unhealthy dynamics"? Gimme' a break! The only thing "unhealthy" about eBay is price gouging on the part of the corporate executives! Soon, your "modest" annual increases will have us paying eBay and PayPal half of our profits!
See a pattern? Of course you do!

Free list days, then 10 cent list days, then 15 cent list days, then a fee increase (each year).

I wonder when the next Paypal fee increase is coming. Double whammy.

Soon, your "modest" annual increases will have us paying eBay and PayPal half of our profits!

According to figures I keep using a spreadsheet. Combined eBay/Paypal fees come to about 8-10% of the gross. For any given sale you make, which is paid by paypal, you loose 8-10% of the sale amount on the combined fees. Now it will be even more.
I have to disagree ljnicosia...this is traditionally one of my best times as a buyer and seller on eBay for several reasons.

Folks are auctioning or buy it now gifts that they didn't want. I.E., I collect certain Fitz & Floyd Santa items and and alot of persons get those as Christmas gifts. Also I'm fond of Demdaco Willow Tree items.

Rather than take them back to the store for a store credit and only receive the marked down price as a refund...lots will sell on eBay for the going price and more.

Also, Consider all the new with tags (nwt) clothing items that persons don't want and turn around and sell on eBay for great costs.

This is traditionally a VERY good time for sellers.

Think about all those deals you're snarfing up at stores and then see if they're selling on eBay for more.

Ok as an example...Here's a free tip for everyone...Moon Sand. I found it at my Wal-Mart no problems $3.97.

But alot of stores are sold out and they are selling on eBay. I don't know how long this is going to keep being at this high of a price..but there's one fine example right there.

Here's another I found in the clearance bin of a local store. $1.99 my price, new never opened with tags.

Good Luck,

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