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Hi Community,

Thanks for helping to bring this issue to our attention. We are aware of the current issue that is causing the Custom Item Specifics link and some other category specific options like Accept Offers from Buyers option not to show up on the Auctiva lister pages and our technical team is currently working to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

I cannot offer a specific estimate of when the issue will be resolved at the moment, but I will update you all through this thread as soon as the issue has been addressed or any other pertinent information becomes available.

We apologize for the inconveniences this issue is causing.

Hi Community,

We have just finished releasing a change that is intended to resolve this problem so you should now see the Custom Item Specifics link and other category specific options on the lister pages within Auctiva once again.

If you notice any remaining problems of this nature, please contact our customer support team by mousing over the “Help” tab on our site and selecting the “File Support Case” option. Thanks again for helping to make us aware of this issue.

Well they're still not working properly in the music listings. Item specifics will come up, but then when you go to select genre/style there's some glitches and the correct options for style are not appearing. I have filed a ticket for it, and whatever changes were made on the 25th seem to have changed the styles that do show up, but they're still not right.
After having one month of finally not having the listings failing to upload three or more times before posting to eBay, now this. I have been listing this morning, noticed Item Specifics was missing but thought nothing of thinking it was because of the category I am loading to ("Everythng Else"). After putting up several items this morning finally an upload fails, the notification being "'Condition' is missing".

Yes, both "Item Specifics" and "Condition" are missing for me. Somehow Auctiva was pushing them through or eBay was accepting them regardless, now I hit a wall.

I use Firefox 15.0.1 on a clean profile that I created specifically to (hopefully) get around Auctiva's continual problems. I have cleared the cache and cookies (multiple times), have disabled all plug-ins and still these relevant sections are not showing. Even if I can get a listing posted successfully again there is still the problem of the specifics panel and Conditions dropdown missing on the eBay side also. It looks like eBay suppresses those element options in the listing's edit mode after an Auctiva uploads with those elements missing.

The last time I successfully uploaded listings and everything was present was late Thursday night / early Friday morning.

Please try to fix this problem and don't send me on a "clear the cache" / "clear the cookies" marathon. Most of us are more sophisticated than that. No, I won't use IE -- Firefox has been fine up to now and you should fix it if the problem is limited to Firefox. And asking me to submit a help request that acknowledges the problem but results in never hearing from anyone again is no help at all.
Whatever the source of the problem it is outside the browsers. I created a new, absolutely clean Firefox profile and "Item Specifics" and "Condition" still don't show. They are also absent from the listings page in Internet Explorer.

Java is up-to-date and I have cleared the system's Java cache.

What I have noticed is that at least the "Item Specifics" indicators appear in the page when the page is in the process of loading, then disappear once the page has fully loaded. I have no idea where to start to track this but just by virtue of the fact that this is cross browser and in clean browser the only other place I can think of might be Window's "Internet Settings".

I am posting this here because it might actually get paid attention to. I have never had Auctiva tech support contact me again after initial acknowledgement or sending a tracert.

If any other users are having this problem please be more specific regarding ooperating system, browser, browser-add ons, etc. maybe we can find some common condition that is causing this unstead of waiting passively for the business week to begin to get half-assistance.
Hello Michael C -

We have become aware of an issue with custom item specifics showing appropriately on the Lister page and are looking into the issue. From reports we've seen it appears that this may be related to using an Ad block extension in your browser. You may find the page loads correctly if you use a different browser, disable the ad on or put our site on the white-list for your extension (if you are using one).

If you have tried disabling the extension and using another browser without any addons and the problem persists for you, please let us know the details of which browser you are using and if you have any add-ons or extensions enabled in it in a support case (you can file a case at any time from under the Help tab of the site) so we can look into this further.

- Craig

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