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Let's have a contest in the forum to pick a new logo to replace the Auctiva Leprechaun! I personally think he should go - along with the eBud name. Wouldn't that be fun?! It's been so very serious on here and a bit of levity is . . well, up-lifting. It has to be a serious contest though Big Grin No, really - perhaps if a number of suggestions came in then Tom and Miles and those guys could narrow them down to say, three, and then we could have a poll to vote for the winner?? Then Auctiva could even give the winner say a LIFETIME POSTING PASS! Big Grin or even an extension Smile What do ya'll think?
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Carol really. Where do you come up with these daring ideas? Sounds great to me!! I think you might be pushing it though for a whole year pass, remember these guys are barely making ends meet. Well, that's what Tom keeps hinting at. HEE HEE , that was my levity for this post! Wink Big Grin Big Grin
I think it's a great idea, however.......

I have it on strong authority that the little leprechaun is actually a teeny picture of TOM! He might not give us a whole year if we vote to take his pic off the auctions!

On the other hand, maybe he'd be grateful. I'm sure he craves a little LESS exposure. Big Grin

Neat idea, along with the idea of the general chat board so we can drink margaritas or Sam Adams and post there and not have to explain why we're t y p i n g v e r y c a r e f u l ly Razz

I think anything that strengthens good will amongst the Auctiva community would be great....or it'd just be fun.

Jan<------passing the tomato juice and aspirin to Carol Cool
I'm actually feeling quite chipper today! I'm thinking about developing a drinking habit just for the fix in my spirits Big Grin I'm decking my halls with boughs of holly this afternoon. Fa-la-la. So you think the little green dude is Tom? Hmm. I sort of picture him red with steam coming out of his ears. That would be me for certain if I heard the amount of complaints these guys do. Actually that is me sometimes even without hearing the complaints. I have to go change my air fresheners over to cinnamon now. My crucial tasks just never end Big Grin
but then i thought, well, i'll just get those christmas hankies up that i paid a fortune for last august, and then the little kids MIB dutch hankies that I paid a triple fortune for, and maybe my rare clear yellow decorated pyrex casserole.

sooooooooo, i ended up listing auctions for mandy and then somebody BOUGHT my only auction on BIN; only up for 12 here i sit at 10:19 EST not, of course, having eaten except the rest of the java mocha almond out of the carton, and no auctions up for me.

i'll decorate tomorrow.....i started LAST sunday and i'm tired of tripping over the five huge boxes AND the stepladder. i'll wash dishes, too.....uh huh.

and of course, gotta go get some cimmanon air fresheners.........altho i bought $120 worth of candles from endless treasures so maybe that'll work instead?

what i really need to do is opening the boxes of stuf i've bought since before thanksgiving and give these poor sellers their feedback i have no clue what is IN the boxes, but it'll be like early christmas.

so....i think i've had it. clyde and i are going to eat left over meatloaf and watch martha stewart >>>> maybe we'll watch coalminer's daughter or priscilla..queen of the desert!

Stressy Big Grin
OMG Mad - I despise the name eBud! It sounds so juvenile and unprofessional and while I'm all for cute, eBud is not. Auctiva Manager Professional has a ring of class and sounds like something people who know what they're doing (or would like to appear to know) would want to use. I even like it then abbreviated to AMP and think that has possibilities for marketing, changing the doofus little bookie to a lightening bolt or something and using a tag line like "Electrify your Auction Business" or Power Up your Auctions" or "The Management System for Powerful Sellers". The new Auctiva Manager is way too good to belittle it with the eBud name. Image is everything! Come on guys, don't make me start making fun of that name. I would hate to start acting like an eDud about this. Eek

Carol <--- not just sitting here pulling my e_ud
like - "Rex Harrison 3.0; the Classic, Dignified Auction Management Tool. It NEVER rains on the plains in Spain...Or your auctions."


"Rod Steiger 3.0: The Award Winning Management Tool with a powerful punch!"

"James Earl Jones 3.0 - Just LISTEN to the bids roll in when HE speaks for your auctions!"

Of course, there's always
"Rhett 3.0 for professional auction management- HE GIVES A DAMN!"

These are all just off the top of my head, of course, but think of icon possibilities!!
Big Grin
I would slap you silly but it appears someone already did that Big Grin Why's it gotta be about some DUDE at all? Why not:

Mae West 3.0 "Come up and Auction Sometime"


Dian Fossey 3.0 "Don't Monkey Around with Auction Management" (educational even)


Greta Garbo 3.0 "When you don't vant to be alone managing your auctions"

Now you've got me doing it! I want to be taken seriously! I guess it's too late for that
Red Face
I have a chat room on a website that is never used. If anyone wants to use it feel free. I only put it there when I was practicing to put one one my wife's website for their school, and the site was made only for me to mess around with html.

If you want to take a look, click on the link below and look towards the bottom of the page for the box that says "Java Chat" enter your user name in the box provided and click on "Chat Now"

Click Here

I suppose there will need to be some organization if this is used such as a time for people to be there but I'll leave that to Carol and Jan. Razz

Just an idea.

Alan is being helpful Big Grin
or if he would prefer that we not sully this business-like area with our witicisms. (2 t's? No spellchecker here) Razz

Nah, I know he is helpful. He's always been helpful to me and has helped me out of some jams.

And, uh. Violet? (Remember Nine to Five?

I agree, the more MERRY (You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch Big Grin contestants, the more truly brilliant ideas there will be to rename the little guy in the hat who's gonna get a change of costume to represent the newly named auction program.

Well, no decorating today. One auction after 10 hours. I think I'm developing some weird thing that doesnt' ALLOW me to get auctions up. There's some strange time-space continuum that makes the clock whirl around 8-10 hours and I don't know what happened.

I've GOTTA get that stepladder out of my living room before I KILL myself, so I'm SAYING I won't list tomorrow. Uh huh. I have 7 ZILLION pictures ready to put up, which is usually the fun part, so I think I'm burned out or something. This is NOT a good time to have burnout. to maybe eat the dinner that's been in the microwave for about 5 hours.
Roll Eyes

Oh, Carol. (everytime I say that, I think of Neil Sedaka Razz ) you live so close...well, there's only one state between us. Why don't you run over this week and whip all my auctions up. Yours look so good, and the pix are ready; just a matter of posting! My daughter has already told me she likes yours better than mine, so you may as well put hers up, the ungrateful little WRETCH! "When I start doing my OWN auctions, I'm going to do them like HERS."

Bah....and the rest Wink
Hey! Alan, that's very nice of you. We'll have to figure out how to comunicate that we are in the chat room or set times for it or something. Got the page bookmarked.

Jan - that's what I like about meeting people on the computer - my skin is wrinkle free, smooth as glass actually. Cool

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