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Welcome to eBay Developer Support LiveHelp. Please remember that support is billed in 30 minute increments. Connected with Rekha Patel.

[Kevin Commentary]: Thank you for billing me in 30 minute increments to report the problem with your API.

Rekha Patel: Hello Kevin
Kevin: AddItem calls are returning 502 Bad Gateway errors.
Kevin: happened yesterday as well
Kevin: I see there was a post on the production sys announcement boards
Kevin: but, I see no updatem which is horrible!
Rekha Patel: I completely understand

[Kevin Commentary]: I'm glad they understand. I'm feeling better already.

Kevin: any update?
Rekha Patel: Our engineering team is working on it
Kevin: what do you suggest we do in the mean time?
Rekha Patel: Retry the calls
Kevin: we're retrying constantly
Kevin: but, due to your limitations of how many API calls you'll allow per second and how long it takes for the 502 error to be returned to us
Kevin: we're now thousands behind
Rekha Patel: And the retries are also not going through?
Kevin: well, sometimes the item does actually post.
Kevin: but, we're returned the gateway error message, so our system thinks it failed.
Kevin: so, we then retry again
Kevin: and it compounds the problem
Kevin: because our system is retrying over and over
Rekha Patel: I see... So even for the retries you get the 502 error
Kevin: not always... actually most retries are giving me the message of UUID already has been used.
Kevin: hence, I know the item did post when I receive these messages...

[Kevin Commentary]: Okay, this conversation with Rekha goes on and on but doesn't really get anywhere. Basically I've been told they will let me know when there is an update, but their engineers are working on the problem and there is nothing we can do about it in the mean time, other than "retry the calls". Wish I had more info for you all.
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Well I haven't been here in months, just dropped in to see if the endless problems had been sorted out a bit....Surprise, surprise, surprise......NOPE. Not one bit.
Just to let you know, I use SAPRo and the new EBAy Blackthorne and they are worse, just because I have to pay so much each month for them. So at least you have better support, somebody actually answers you and in a meaningful way, the answer relates to the question.
So hang tough. we are all suffering together waiting for an auction program that is reliable and works.
While I have made my own complaints about auctiva, they are mostly made recently, and only in frustration because I really wanted to have a productive ten cent listing day - we have all had our gripes, but I'm still back here, because 360 out of 364 days a year or so, Auctiva is as reliable, if not more, than any auction service I've ever paid for. It is a caring and FREE service; and if anyone ever expects them to be perfect, my answer would be "They will be when eBay is".

Personally, I find your coming back to dribble smug all over our boards, namedrop other products, and then making a feeble attempt to cover it with a 'compliment' - at the very least in poor taste, and at the best kicking a proverbial man when he's down.

You can't blame ebay for not caring, if they did not have competation as Auctiva they could own the world and charge all us what fees they want and probably get it. I think Auctiva is a blessing and I see where they have been doing some good upgrades to help all of us. Plus I always get a quick response when I need help. GREAT GOING AUCTIVA!

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