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After seeing some people tout their success listing on Amazon, I thought we'd give it a try. Some questions:

1)There seems to be two type's of sellers - The Pro Merchant, and just the basic, free version. It seems like, when just trying to do the free version, that there is a limited amount of categories available to list in. For example, I've got some perfume that I'd like to try listing, but there is no "Health and Beauty" category available to me, although it is apparent from doing product searches that there is a health and beauty category. Do you have more categories available as a Pro Merchant?

2) What's the benefit of paying for the Pro Merchant status? What are the differences between the free version and the Pro?

3) Is there any way to add a new item, other than being a Pro Merchant?

Thanks Smile
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You both are incorrect. Go to anyones pro shop that is selling perfume. Look in the far right hand corner. Look for a set of words that say "have one like this to sell". Click on it. You immediately are taken to page to acually start the process of making a competive listing. "But wait" You better go ahead and sign up as a seller and give amazon all the stuff like your bank, login name, password, etc. Once done, go back to the perfume sellers page, and make a listing. If there listing that they pay proshops fees for say something like Rosies famous matchabelly perfume, yours is going to say the same thing and when an order comes in, it will be titled that. However you will have to ship a lower fixed price set by amazon, and you can price higher than Rosie or cheaper. However I would not cut Rosies price by much, she might come way down below your price to run you off. Sell yours for actually 1cent higher and you ship at a much lower price, since it is fixed by amazon. You will not know what I'm talking about unless you go try like I did and found the free method of selling competively against pro merchant sellers on their own listing pages.
The wife and I tried to set up our Amazon store last night. We figured it might be worth it to pay $20/month for two months (for the Pro Merchant subscription) to be able to list some of our stuff there. Worth a shot, at least.

Turns out, some categories are restricted from listing unless you are "pre-approved" by Amazon. Makes it kind of useless for us, as two of the restricted categories are "Beauty" and "Health and personal care", and quite a bit of our stuff would go in those categories.

We ended up talking to customer service and having them cancel our Pro Merchant account for now.

Kind of sucks Frown
Sorry all of you are having troubles. I have had as many as 96 items listed on amazon as alternate items to what others are paying to have a pro merchant account. I get to do all mine free. No cost, NADA. I only pay a fee when something sells and the listing is up for 60 days at a time. I have been particularly pleased with the sale rate. Puts my ecrater account in the dust, but is not as good as I still do on ebay. My websites way outproduce ebay. Ebay is flexible though. You can sell pretty much anything on it. On amazon, I have to match the existing pro merchant product to sell one for equal to a bit lower in price. But I suspect I outsell the promerchant that is paying 39.95 a month for me to come in free and under price his item.
Those that I know that are selling on Amazon are doing great...highly successful.

What you need to strive for is to not be just a regular seller...but to move up the ladder to featured merchant and higher.

Those sellers receive more perks...your own rep who calls and moves you further along faster with Amazon.

The good thing about Amazon is search engine placement. VERY HIGH!

The store cost isn't that outrageous to try a month or two.

Good Luck,
Sooo.... it turns out getting access to the restricted categories isn't so hard after all. Just contacted Amazon, and although it took a rep almost a month to get back to us, she gave us access to some of the restricted categories.

Hopefully, it works out well. We already made a sale literally within an hour of our first listing being posted Smile
Originally posted by biscuit:
I just called them today, and got to talk to an actual person, for crying out loud. She even remembered who we were.

Almost made me cry...

I know...I know. A REAL honest to goodness person and a phone number to boot plus knowing who you are. I have a friend that's selling on eBay and she has her own personal rep that calls her and more. Imagine that.

Suthrnjewl<---passing biscuit a tissue


Take care,

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