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Anyone else having this issue. It is not letting me choose photos on the listing page, page always runs in error?
This is happening to me on and off for the last few months and have not heard back at all from the "24/7" support of auctiva. After a few days, it seems to work again somehow.
It seems that as soon as I choose on the image selection page to default to not show images in active listings, the system goes besirk. The picture selection freezes and site does not load any pictures from that point on. Absurd.
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Hi bluebirds15,

Thanks for letting us know that this issue has resurfaced within your account again. I just checked our records and confirmed that the support case you filed with respect to this issue has since been replied to and the details of the issue have been forwarded to our technical team for further investigation.

As the representative who replied to the case mentioned, we are currently looking into the cause of the errors further and will follow up with you again through your open case as soon as we have some additional information to share.

We apologize for the continued difficulties.


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