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tonight 11/15/2015, I have hundreds of items that have failed to autorelist. they also are not showing up on my closed listings page, they seem to have disappeared. please someone help, this is a lot of listings that are not relisting, I don't even know how to go about finding them all and relisting them Frown
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Yeah, same problem here. I have been having problems with the listing scheduler for weeks. Tonight was terrible, listing did not list when scheduled and seemed to have a mind of their own when they would actually list. Even had some that timed out and it showed in red not posted due to failure and then all of a sudden it listed. Also had one to list but auctiva showed it as failed. I spoke with a technician this week and was told it was absolutely not auctiva's problem but ebays, but scheduler with ebay works fine. They need to acknowledged their problem and get it fixed!
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this is a problem that has been ongoing for weeks
i filed a ticket and some days it works and some days it doesn't. you can ask them to run an on demand reconcile and that should bring them over to the Closed Folder. sometimes the problem is so bad they have a list of ids that they run the reconcile on every day. Yes this is a problem that happens from time to time
Got a reply from auctiva saying it was not their problem but ebay's. I was actually on the phone with ebay last night when the problem was occurring and everything on their side was working fine. Items that were tried on ebay to be scheduled went on fine, no problem. ebay told me that they have had several complaints from auctiva customers about this very issue. ebay was accepting scheduled items through the auctiva scheduler but auctiva's scheduler was not working correctly. I have had this problem for several weeks now. Last night it was terrible, listing did not list when scheduled and seemed to have a mind of their own when they would actually list. They all did list eventually but not as scheduled. There would be as many as 12 pending and processing at a time while other items that were scheduled on auctiva were being listed as scheduled. Then all at once several of the in process items would dump on ebay (keep in mind other listings were being listed by auctiva as scheduled). I was listing about 150 items last night with 1 minute between listings. Even had some that timed out and it showed in red not posted due to failure and then all of a sudden it listed. Also had one to list but auctiva showed it as failed. It was just all screwy last night. I also had about 150 items ending last night and it took about 6 hours before they showed up in my closed item list. There is a problem and auctiva needs to look into it and resolve instead of giving me a no problem here answer. What do others think?
Hello David,

we did encounter some technical difficulties last night that our engineers were able to resolve and this did affect posting listings, there were notable delays in some cases and a few listings that did not post in time, eBay was encountering some difficulty on Saturday as well, but this issue also seems to be resolved.

There is a known issue at this time that is intermittent where Closed Listings are not importing from eBay in a timely fashion, which can affect auto relist profiles. I have no ETA on when this issue will be fully resolved, but will update this thread as soon as more information become available.

- Craig
Thanks Craig. I appreciate your response and lets hope it is fixed. On a side note the people who answer a ticket and even one I talked to were very defensive in saying that auctiva had no problems. They need to be more concerned in getting it right and making sure what the problem is rather than giving a canned answer. This does not make people happy. But like I said thank you for being honest about it. The problem has been happening often over the last several weeks so lets hope the fix has corrected the problem.
it looks likemy listings have shown up in the closed folder section, and most of them did relist .....5 hours after they originally ended, so instead of listings ending at 7:30pm eastern time and relisting then, they all went up around midnight, I hope this does not affect my east coast buyers, bidding on items ending at midnight Confused I have another 500+ items that will end Thursday night, fingers crossed that the unsold ones relist on time. I also was on the phone with ebay last night, and there are no problems on their end according to customer support.
Craig, well tonight the scheduler did work better but is far from being fixed. Once an item does not post at the scheduled time (which happened frequently) it often waited for 5-10 minutes before it would post it. It was erratic as some posted within a couple of minutes and others waited 5-10 minutes. keep in mind that other scheduled items that were scheduled during this wait time were being submitted, so ebay was accepting listings. Once an item misses it scheduled listing time the submission of those items becomes very erratic. Tonight's listings were fixed price listings so they are not quite as critical but when I do auction items the schedule is critical. This really needs to be fixed!!!!!
Getting real tired of the canned answers the support people are giving on the support ticket that this problem is on. I added my response above to the support ticket and got the typical canned answer of glad you were able to get your items listed? REALLY? It then told me to let them know when the scheduling issue was happening so they could investigate. REALLY, what do you think I was doing?
Hello David,

I am sorry to hear that you have had further difficulty relating to this situation. Unfortunately, I have not yet heard back from our engineers regarding this so I have no update I can provide to you as of yet. However, I will update this thread as soon as we have more information available regarding this issue.

Apologies for the continued inconvenience.

- Craig
Hi striker,

Unfortunately, the current posting issues you are experiencing are related to some current technical issues on eBay's side of things, which they have acknowledged on their System Announcements page located at:

They have expressed that they are working urgently to address these technical difficulties, and will be posting further updates to that page as additional information becomes available.

We apologize for the difficulties.


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