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Hi Community,

Ebay is currently experiencing some technical difficulties which, among other things, are causing many listings scheduled to post through Auctiva to fail to post. It appears the issue began at approximately 6:30 AM PT this morning, and you can check for updates on the eBay’s System Announcements page at:

If your listings are impacted by this issue, they may get stuck in a “posting” or “processing” state on your Scheduled Listings page for a period of time, and eventually reflect “Not Posted in Time” errors in the Notifications section once they have failed to post.

It will be necessary to re-post and listings that fail due to one of these errors, but you may want to wait until eBay is able to resolve these technical difficulties before doing so to ensure that they do not fail to post for the same reason the next time around.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Original Post
Hello Community -

eBay reports that they have resolved the issues that were occurring earlier today, and listings are posting normally again. Please see

for details.

As Mike noted, if your listings did not post in time during the interval of the posting difficulty on eBay, it will be necessary to post them again now that the situation has been resolved.

Should you encounter any further difficulty with posting listings, please don't hesitate to let us know.

- Craig
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