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Hi katoj5,

Thanks for posting your question here. In order to make sure the items you post through Auctiva are associated with the correct consignor, all you should need to do is check the "Is this a consignment item?" under the description editor in each listing and select the desired consignor from the interface that appears.

I am not aware of any current technical problems that would cause your listings not to show up under the appropriate consignor if this process is used so, if you used the process above for these listings, we will need to look into this further.

Also, the only thing I can think of that may cause a percentage sign not to show up next to a consignment item is if the item has not been linked to a commission plan. However, I am seeing “Fixed %” listed next to each item under the consignor you are currently working with.

If this problem is still ongoing, please contact our Customer Support team about this by mousing over the “Help” tab within your account and selecting the “File Support Case” option and we will do our best to help you out with this.

They all went under the same item because you used the "sell similar" option and that has never been fixed in the last few years. I have even complained about it in years past but was told that is just how it is and works and there was nothing that could be done.

You need to create a new listing for each item in the future instead of using the sell similar option.

So if you click on the "+" it will drop down the other similar listings and you can go from there as best you can.

Sorry. Frown
Hi Community,

Thanks for your continued contributions to our forum. Although this is unrelated to the initial post, there was an issue for a while that was causing the behavior the subsequent posts described when new consignment listings were created from existing listings for the same consignor using the “Create a new consignment item for this consignor” option.

We were recently able to update our system to address this issue, while we were unable to correct the issue with the consignment items that had already been impacted by this issue, you should not encounter this problem with future listings.

If you notice any remaining problems of this nature, please let us know by mousing over the “Help” tab within your account and selecting the “File Support Case” option. We apologize for the inconveniences this issue has caused.


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