hi, same here had a load scheduled for tonight and gone straigth past posting times and still not posted
tried to post ad immediatly and still not posting
no error messages or anything
very frustrating as dont want them posting now as too late for my bidders
so will have to see what happens on the morrow
I had one post around 5pm then a double post on my next scheduled. And now I can't get them to post at all. I guess I better to be ready to cancel some auctions when it does start working. I am not a happy camper at the moment.

On a brighter note.. At least I am not the only one. LoL
I think the exact problem lies in Autiva's clock. If you do post now, the auction will show up as scheduled an hour later. Basically, Auctiva may have had a problem with daylight savings. Therefore, every time Auctiva sends the data to eBay for posting, the time has already past an hour ago, and no auction gets posted through Auctiva.
Did it show as scheduled for 10 minutes later or actually post to eBay 10 minutes later? You're right that it's not exactly an hour slow. Right now, it's 1 hour 2 minutes slow for me, but the clock may vary for different accounts. It happened 8 times to me yesterday, I canceled the first 7, and the last one posted 1.5 hours later.

To get the scheduler clock sync-ed for Daylight Savings Time (DST) for submissions, make sure you mark that setting in your Activa profile settings. It adds the hour for those needing DST for their location (like us folks in the USA where it took effect last Sunday).

I listed today with no problems until 4:30pm EDT. Then all of a sudden listings all went to scheduled.

If you don't want them scheduled, GO to Listings > Scheduled, and DELETE all the items. Make certain they're in your saved listings first so you don't lose what you've already created.

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