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I'd like to see:

1) a right-click mouse function that inserts a link from the clipboard to another URL. I frequently point bidders to manufacturer's sites, etc. and automating repetitive key strokes(specifically: link ) is important to me.

2) Auction poster recognizes as a valid HTML end-of-link marker but eBay requires . Some error trapping, please?

3) WRT inserting links, how about a tool to echo the entire linked page or some edited portion thereof in the auction description?

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Hi Mi,
Whenever I am making a pretty intricate listing, I use an HTML editor called 1st Page 2000. (It is not another auction service and I am not advertising for the competition Smile) You can download it FREE from Cnet.

It is AWESOME! There are different interfaces for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced based on your knowledge of HTML. It also has buttons for links, fonts, tables, pictures, and even java. There is also a free FTP that you can download that interfaces with the program.

I usually make the more complex auctions in 1st page and then copy them into my auctiva ad. It is especially helpful with pictures and links. There are tons of wizards to help with just about anything you can think of.

This program has really make my auctions (and web pages) nicer and helped me to learn a lot more about HTML. I recommend that everyone in the world downloads this program Smile!

A nice bonus: I checked my computer with AdAware after I installed 1st Page and there is no spyware!

I hope that this helps!

I write up the body of my auctions in FrontPage2000. You just have to be careful when copying the HTML that you don't get something that Ebay will not use. I think my auctions look pretty nice and I keep templates in my FP2000 for the various magazines that I sell so I don't have to retype basic information over and over. So far I've not run into any problems because I don't get really fancy in case someone is using an older browser.

There's another neat HTML editor out there called Coffee Cup that is pretty neat as well.
I occasionally use basic tags in my description. This would be a great feature for Poster. Some sort of pop-up menu that inserts tags. The most often tag I use is BR (break), but I've also used P, BLOCKQUOTE, B, I, IMG, and sometimes A.

Of course you realize I feft the < > off the above examples...
because I've been using those tags in my auctions since I first started.

You mean not everybody inserts links and

and and


The middle of the page heading

and uses clips the same way and changes colors and sizes and fonts?

I just do it in the description. Once in a while on notepad, but it took me an eternity to realize I could do it before I put UP the auction. I used to go in and revise to add all that stuff!!

I thought everybody did it...... Razz

No wonder it takes me so much longer to do mine than anybody else! Wink

Oh Lord, if I had to sit and code all the HTML for an auction it would take me days! That's why I use FrontPage. I just type it up like I want it, then open the HTML tab and copy and paste the HTML into the description section of my auction, do a quick preview to make sure it looks OK and save it and move on to the next auction.

I think a basic HTML editor built-in of some sort would be nice for those users who don't have an editor already. I built web pages before I started selling on auctions, so I already had FrontPage purchased.
Just basic HTML functionality would be fine. I too have used a full fledged web editor when I wanted something fancy and just did the cut/paste trick. Something like a pop-up menu with basic HTML tags in a list. You choose the tag, it appears at the cursor position in the description..
I've spent more than my fair share of time with HTML, both hard coding and WYSIWYG editors. If you want a HTML editor try Homesite. It's easy to use and generates fairly clean code. Just don't fall into the show-off category. By that I mean don't overload your listings with animation and pointless graphics and useless stuff that will just slow down the download of the listing. Sure it's eye candy but if I was on a dial up connection I wouldn't wait for a slow page to finish loading, I just move on to the next item. Html is great but don't over do it!
Netscape Composer is a good Tool for writing auctions.. You compose your auction in Composer. Composer writes all the HTML. Then you simply view the HTML, copy and paste it into the Poster description box.. You can save the auction description as a template and then when you only need to change the variables for future auctions.. Saves a lot of time and trouble and I find it easier to use that Front Page Express. You can download Netscape for free..

The download will also include teh Netscape browser. If you don't have the Netscape browser, you will find it useful for some eBay functions. I use Internet Explorer most of the time but if I am doing a relist or a revision on an eBay item, I use Netscape. Ebay has an acknowledged bug that causes IE users to often get a "Page not found" type error whenever they try to submit a revision or a relist. I suspect that might also relate to the problem that Auctiva users are having with teh Local Scheduler.
Ebay has an acknowledged bug that causes IE users to often get a "Page not found" type error whenever they try to submit a revision or a relist. I suspect that might also relate to the problem that Auctiva users are having with the Local Scheduler.

I have been getting that page not found error for weeks. It has been driving me CRAZY! You have no idea how many hours I have spent dealing with that crap. Thanks for filling us in on what was going on. I thought it was because I was running Microsucks Windoze XP. (The XP stands for Xtra Pitiful by the way Wink)

Ebay has an acknowledged bug that causes IE users to often get a "Page not found" type error

Holey Crap!!! Boy am I glad to hear that. All this time I thought it was something wrong with my system or something. My wife cycled "page not found" 132 times to relist one item yesterday.

Thanks much rousemark, you can have my first born.
We have been getting that error message
"page not displayed" in IE and here is a workaround. Before you click view changes, drop the browser down and let it set for 8-10 minutes and then come back, click continue and voila, it go's to the ebay confirm changes page and you click submit and your done. It works 9 times out of ten. Also, try relists and edits in the Opera browser. It works everytime.
Hope this helps...... Big Grin
If they've acknowledged a bug, I don't suppose there is ANY possibility that they might FIX IT?

I have to admit that I didn't realize there WAS an IE6 until I saw here that some people are using it. It surprised me because when I got RoadRunner in October, the software installed IE5.5 and when I upgraded Roll Eyes to AOL 7, same thing. I'd have thought one of them would have put in IE6.

Anyway, I downloaded the Opera browser awhile back after I saw ya'll talking about it, so I may have to unzip it and see what's up because the NONability to revise auctions can make you CRAZY! In my case it leads to manic posting episodes on the Auctiva Boards. Big Grin

I THINK that Netscape came with roadrunner OR AOL; I seem to have it on my computer and haven't used because I didn't actually know it was there. Will it cause problems to open IT up and use it when you use IE for most things?

It's a new year. I'm trying to be POSITIVE!!!!!! Big Grin

Jan<--------and the pool on how long that lasts will probably start pretty soon, I know. Razz
My first born is turns 16 the 28th of this month (God help us all) and doesn't know a spreadsheet from a word doc but there isn't a game out there he can't put a whooping on. Trade hell, you can have him, in fact I'll post your auctions for you if you'll take him.

Netscape and IE will coexist ok but as you install Netcrap read real careful and watch all the checkboxes. It will try to set it's self up as the default browser. I never used Netcrap very much because every time you click anything it's always steering you to their web site. It may very well be a better browser but I don't like the way they operate. Of course Microsoft doesn't have a good track record either, look at Windows ME (Multitude of Errors).

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