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Hello Fellow Auctiva Users,

I'm one of the owners of Auction Sellers Motivators (ASM), a message board that focuses on ecommerce sales and how to further your sales. A lively group thats full of information.

Up until yesterday the group was private. We are now in the process of opening up the message boards to the general public and allowing new members.

One of the factors that helped us to make this decision was that the site OTWA announced it's soon to be closing. Those members would be looking for a new home.

Once we decided to open the boards, I of course wanted to invite my Fellow Auctiva Users.

The ASM Forum is dedicated to improving peoples business on eBay, Other Auction Venues and on their individual Web Sites.

We had chosen to keep the ASM private to keep out spammers, those folks who only participate in forums for social or political aspects, and those negative folks who tend to creep into many public forums. Those still won't be allowed and will be banned ASAP. (some personal IP addresses of trouble-makers are already banned)

Please consider joining our group. Remember we're moving from private to public and we're in the process of moving threads here and there.

The basic requirements are that a member be actively involved in ecommerce either on or off of eBay, that they post once a month, post a hello in Welcome thread and share knowledge when they can.

We also have a Classified Ad Site that you are welcome to post items for sale and a Public Blog Site where you can have your own personal blog if so desired, all dedicated to improving members business.

We are also in the early stages of publishing a Coupon eBook to generate additional revenues for our members.

Some of the Forum Categories are:

Web Site and Search Engine Issues
HTML, shopping carts and SEO, oh my!
Ask questions and share information here related to web and e-commerce sites....building, hosting, promoting, cart installation and configuration.

Auction Management Options & Listing/Inventory Services
This forum is for discussion of auction management options, listing services, and other third party service providers for sellers.

Other Money Making Venues
This is where you can share any ideas on money making venues you have tried. For example: Secret Shopper, Get paid for answering surveys,
Retail Merchandiser, etc.

Marketing & Customer Service
Marketing your items. Managing your customers. Talk about it here.

General Auction Selling Questions & Issues
General questions and/or issues concerning your auction selling business can be posted here. This is a Non-category specific forum.

Everything eBay
Auctions, fixed priced listings (FPL), eBay about it here!

Beyond eBay
eCrater, Overstock, Blujay Craigslist, your own web site.....this is the place for discussion of selling venues other than eBay.

Computer Lab
Having problems with your computer? Looking to buy a new system or new software? Post here for help with things like optimizing performance,
software and hardware configuration, troubleshooting, debugging and more.

Many of the Members originally met at SpareDollar, but are now scattered to the four winds. There are also a lot of members that were never on SpareDollar. The one thing we all have in common is that we are all
interested in growing our business and helping out each other in the process.

Oh, and we do have a little fun in the process. We have a Coffee Break Forum for non-business topics including sub forums for Movies and TV
shows and a Water Cooler Forum for jokes and email forwards.

Auction Sellers Motivators located at:

We would love you to join us if you are so inclined. I know you would be an asset to us, and have a sense of commradrie at the same time.

Thanks for considering us,
Auction Sellers Motivators
eCommerce Sellers Motivators "We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? But actually, who are you NOT to be?" Marianne Williamson
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You're not banned. <smile> And if there's ever a problem, you know you can email me and tell me what's going on.

We've doubled our membership in seven days!!!!! And every day brings more and more members.

I'm SO excited.

It's moving right along. Can't wait for you to stop in and see.

LOTS of exciting ecommerce cross-promoting, advice and more going on.

I'm still waiting for Jeff to join. C'mon!
I've gone twice but haven't signed up yet. I like to lurk and read like you can on these message boards without signing up.

I used to check the threads on OTWA every few days and had been a member there since they were very small. I think their decision to limit and put a tight thumb on people like myself was to their detriment. You can't have me spouting ads but I think it's important to hear from the leaders of companies such as ours. The main reason for the decline though is that everyone just uses eBay's boards. Which isn't a good thing because you can't really talk freely there.
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ASM was private for well over a year and by invitation only.

The decision to go public had to do with the OTWA closing.

We're hoping to give the OTWA members a new home and busy "rearranging the furniture" so to speak....thus the reason for registration only till our ducks are in a row.

We've almost tripled our membership in the week since we began opening the doors of ASM. Not bad and I'm pretty proud of that fact.

You're right...Nobody can speak freely on the eBay boards without getting pink-slapped or your ID noted..and I don't want any of my IDs noted.

That's why forums like the ASM are important for ecommerce sellers.

Suggestion from me is to consider joining if only to keep an eye on the owners of other third party companies that have joined. (if you catch my drift)

Continued Success wished your way,
Hi Suthrnjewl. I just registered. While looking at your Help section, I immediately got my activation email. I'm anxious to read the forums but had to tell you first how impressed I was with the detailed Help information on using the forum. I had to learn by trial and error. Anyone new to computers or forums could benefit by reading your Help section whether they joined or not.
Yes m'am...eBay is considered an ecommerce business link and yes, that email was from me. We confirm that our members are actually sellers and not spammers or those out to push a social or political agenda.

We're all about helping others to be successful in whatever ecommerce they have or any combination of online selling.

Ecrater, your own site, Blujay, HiBidder and more are discussed.

Lemme know if you need more help,

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