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Thanks to another member here for showing me I have opened a store there to go with all of my other areas.
Please come visit me!
Other stores:
I hope all those links show up right. If not, please elt me know.
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Maybe if I pick up this thread again, you'll see your name. How's it going there at Etsy, moodymama? It looks like you've had a lot of views. Selling much? Still wanting to get over there myself, but just haven't gotten around to it. Was sick for a couple of weeks and wasn't listing anything anywhere, so now I'm trying to reinventory my Ebay store. But let me know how it's going, hey???
I actually do all right on Ebay. But I'm itchin' to try to sell some higher end items. I've sold a few on Ebay and Overstock, but mainly through word of mouth via my younger sister. I just kind of hate spending a lot of money on crystals and sterling and the things not selling. My lower priced earrings are always hot on Ebay. But I'm getting bored.

I'm actually considering doing some craft sales, but to be honest, Ebay keeps me so busy, I never really have enough stock. And then there's the whole hauling the table around. My sister has offered for this summer--to help out. Anyone ever do the craft sales???

denverdoni, your ebay store link isn't working. I'm going to go check out your etsy store now. See you all out there!!
Hi all! I am just starting out with my handmade items. I have been selling on ebay for 5 years but only seriously for the last few months. I did actually sell 2 of my quilts in the first few days of listing them so that is encouraging. But I am feeling overwhelmed with trying to get my website up, and ebay listings done and not enough time to actually create inventory. Any helpful hints on managing all of the tasks involved in getting this kind of business going? I need all the help I can get, thanks!
Been there done that. Still have no website because I create my inventory. rest for the wicked. But seriously, I've had to supplement my Ebay store inventory with items I haven't made. I NEED SOME SORT OF A PERSONAL LIFE.

Perhaps you could enlist the help of family or friends to set up your website or to help create your listings. Perhaps you know a teenager with some computer saavy. Probably wouldn't have to pay much for a youngster.

Just do a little at a time. When I first opened my Ebay store last summer, I had like 6 items in it--I was doing good if it got to 12--because they kept selling.

Let me tell you, you'll get this whole love/hate thing going on. I had a buyer come into my store and buy 28 pairs of my handcrafted earrings. Oh, I was happy about the sale, but kept thinking, oh, I'm going to have a lot of earrings to make.

You should have seen what happened to my store last Christmas!! No inventory was left at all. What I did is just post a few auctions and took the time to refill my store.

So if you need the time, take it. You don't HAVE to list with Ebay every week. Take some time off, create your backlog of inventory, and get your website off the ground. When a person creates his/her own inventory, she/he has to be ahead of the game before beginning to play. What do you think all those crafters at the craft fairs do? They create a backlog of inventory before trying to sell.
Oh, I forgot why I came here. I started listing on Etsy. Just a few items. But I'm going to give a go--list a few items every day. My sales on Ebay have really dropped off. And wonder of wonders, I sold another item on Yahoo auctions. So I'm going to put my eggs in several different baskets to try to see if I can't generate a few more sales.

How are people doing on Etsy anyway? Does that site seem to run a bit slower to anyone else, or is it just me? Thanks to you all.
Yeah, good advice about the forums.

annkate, let us know how Etsy does for you compared to eBay. I've had a feeling that for sellers with items like yourself that Etsy would be the place to be but that's just a feeling. I'm definitely curious.

One possible difference/downside with Etsy is the possibility that there are more sellers than buyers but I don't really know. Not that sellers never buy, but you know. I really hope you folks do well there -- I think it's a great site.
Hey, just checked back to see if this thread is still alive. Because I actually had my first sale on etsy today. Well it actually was yesterday but apparently they don't notify you when you sell something. I had a payment to paypal that I noticed this afternoon and kept looking at my ebay list and it wasn't coming up as sold. Finally it dawned on me that I had listed the same item on etsy too.

I am pretty happy about the way things are going so far, but still so overwhelmed. annkate, thanks for the advice too. I have taken time off before from listing because I wanted to regroup and it looks like that is what I need to do again. I have someone doing my website in trade for a custom crib set and I feel like I am dogging her because I haven't got the crib set done, even though my goal was to have it shipped by today. I really need to spend time on getting some text and photos to her as well. I have been supplementing my store with alot of other items beside my handmade items and that is taking all my time. When God handed out efficiency I thought he said "go fish with me?" and I said "sure, that sounds fun." I am easily distracted!

By the way, can anyone help me with how you do the links or URLs or siggies in my posts. I have tried but they don't work half the time. I am trying hard to get more efficient on how much time I spend on the computer. Listing, researching and spending time on boards trying to learn takes alot of time too. Auctiva has helped, but I have had to spend time learning to avoid some of the pitfalls with it too.
Well it actually was yesterday but apparently they don't notify you when you sell something.

I've gotten e-mail notices whenever I've had something sell at Etsy. Maybe you need to look at your profiles or check with support.

I haven't sold anything there in a while but I'm still sure you should be getting notices!

Congrats on your first sale there!
I made 3 sales at etsy and was notified. But I also noticed a thread there on the boards at Etsy.

I'm going to fill up the store at Etsy--look into getting a regular website. I need to put my eggs into different baskets. Though I've picked up a bit on sales on Ebay, it's still sloooowww.

By the by, if you check the Etsy boards, you'll see that some of those people are really hitting the pavement hard to get the word out about the site. And lots of them are on There's even an Etsy group there! I guess they promote their stores there. Sigh...that MySpace looks yucky!! It scares me. But it might be a decent way to advertise my wares.
I don't have a hotmail address but my ISP primary address is so sometimes that is a problem. Will have to check into it.

I have been thinking about ideas for marketing etsy as well. I guess one simple idea would be to add it to your business card and be sure to pass out at every opportunity. I don't work outside my home so don't make many contacts. I have business cards that I place in all my ebay shipments and might add it on that one. I am close to going live with my website and will have a link to my etsy store there. I have wondered about doing craigslist postings every few days. Anyone tried that? It is free so worth a try I guess.

Auctiva has actually helped my ebay sales alot and I am happy with the results. But I agree that you need to pursue different venues to find what works.

Never been to, I have read all kinds of scary stuff about it too. I might check it out.
Another thought: While I think it's not allowed to post your other retail site URLs at Etsy, if your e-mail address is tied to your own domain (i.e., the URL of your store) I don't think there's anything to stop you from putting your e-mail address in your profile or welcome message or whatever.

My thinking is that even though you can't advertise your other sites at Etsy, people may still see the domain name in your e-mail and go check it out anyway.

Also: put URLs in message board signatures, in e-mail signatures, on business cards, on flyers. Trade flyers with other sellers so you can send out each other's flyers.
I did go check my junkmail folder at msn and found the notice from etsy and the payment notification from paypal. I use outlook express and don't always remember to check the msn junk mail folder.

I changed my username on etsy even though I have used denverdoni for all my online life. I decided that was a big mistake. And now I guess I can't change it on etsy. Not sure if I could close that store and start over to keep it consistent with my ebay ID or not.

It is ddeebee and my store name is Rainbow Creek Creations. And, I am not able to figure out how to get the URL for my shop. Any help on that would be appreciated. thanks!
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