Hi, I've been selling on ebay for a few months but just signed up for Auctiva. I'm trying to do my first listing. It's coins. When I try to choose my category I get an error message from Microsoft Internet Explorer saying "You must select a leaf category." Does anyone have a clue what this means? Thanks.
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This just means that you selected a general category but eBay requires a specific one. For instance if you selected "Coins >", this category is actually a main category that contains other categories, so you would actually need to go deeper and select something like "Coins > Coins: US > 2, 3 & 20 Cents" I hope that helps!
Unfortunately Nickels is also a general category. The way you can tell is that in our category selector, Nickels has a ">" next to the name ("Nickels >") and when you click on it, more choices appear in a box below. You would need to keep choosing more specific categories until no more choice boxes appear and the category does not have a ">" next to it. For example Coins > Coins: US > Nickels > Other
I too just started listing through Auctiva and it took me a couple of tries on the "choose a category" screen. I didn't notice the scroll bar Roll Eyes (stupid of me) and couldn't understand why I was getting a error. I thought I chose a category in every box then I noticed the scroll bar. Soon as I scrolled down I saw another box to chose from. Wink Now all is good.

I do have a suggestion for the team of Auctiva. Can you space those boxes closer or even horizional? You have all that space available on that screen and maybe that would end some confusion.

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I have been using auctiva over last 5 years listing car parts on daily basis but over last week or two I am having the same issue with this annoying message not allowing me to change the category. Needless to say there are no further subcategories to choose from. Selecting exactly the same category from dropdown list showing my recently used categories does the job if I can only find what I am looking for which is not always possible as they are not sorted in any order... I know 3 more people having the same problem now and it all started roughly about 2 weeks ago.
Thanks for the post. We are actively working on a fix for category selection, specifically an incorrect pop-up message that sometimes occurs and states "You must select a leaf category", when a leaf category is selected. If this is the issue you are having, its actively being worked on. If you are having a different issue, please make sure you file a support case so we can reproduce the issue and work to resolve it.


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