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Hi Community,

With eBay's announcement that they will allow all sellers to use the optional eBay-hosted "gallery" images beginning in July at no additional cost, we thought it would be a good time to help our users showcase their items by introducing an updated version of our Supersized Image page.

Having the thumbnails of each image on the supersized page is important and a big improvement over our original page that only had numbers representing each image at the top. Also, navigation was a bit outdated with those big arrows. Did I mention the new page will have less advertising too?

As many of you may recall, a couple of years ago we had introduced a "new" Supersized Image page that wasn't very well received. Too many ads, the images weren't shown in their full "supersized" state and viewers had to click to see the full size, etc.... so here's how to see a preview of a revised version of our Supersized Image page:

1. You need to preview a listing in your Auctiva account or view one of your live listings on eBay.

2. Click on any of the images that have the "click to view supersized image" link below them in the description to open the image in your current supersized page.

3. In the URL, enter a 3 right after the "e" in (see pic). *If you are currently using our version 2 of the supersized page (with the black border) you will just need to replace the "2" after "showimage" with a "3".

This is not yet an option in your accounts and can only be viewed by entering the "3" as detailed above. Please let us know what you think of the new page. This is just one small project we are currently working on (we've got some biggies we must do for eBay!)

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Hi Rebecca,

I guess I was asleep at the wheel as I missed version 2. Some initial observations on #3:

I have never liked the mouse-over zoom feature to see a small magnified area (like in #2). I prefer to see the entire image with the options of Fit-to-Screen or 100%.

I do like the appearance of #3 over #1 with the ability to go directly to an image rather than selecting a number.

This might be just my personal preference but I like the black border in #2 as it gives some contrast. I usually shoot images on a white background and in #3 there is no border to speak of so I'm hit with a bright white blast on my 27" screen that is hard on these old eyes.

The bottom line is I do like Version 3 but would add at least an option for a border or something to break up the blast.

And I agree that there are way too many ads on Version #2.

Hopefully others will chime in with their preferences and ideas.

Thanks for asking.

Hi- hope am doing this right. I went to ebay listing. Clicked in actual description area of listing clicked the enlarge feature. After doing this I put in the 2 in place you indicated on your url. Then put in 3 and compared the two photos.

I do like the one with 3 best and the border would be nice feature I think.

IF this is not to compare the two and I have missed something let me know. Will be happy to redo.

Thanks for asking for our input...nice!
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Thanks so much Vickie! The version "2" will eventually be retired (and replaced by this new one) so it's good that you checked them both out. I think this latest version is a big improvement over the original supersized page (the one with the blue header at the top and no thumbnails) and it will be made the new default for new users.

We'll let everyone know when this new page will be an option in their Auctiva account after we're all satisfied with the way it looks and functions. Smile
Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for the opportunity to comment! I like version 3 better than version 2; version 3 is more seamless and less confusing for the occasional user. I think the user may be more inclined to spend more time looking at the images.

To me, the black border on version 2 has always been distracting; it makes me notice the page instead of the images. Without the border the images seems lighter and "cleaner."
I think to me biggest problem is you put in 2 is that it is off balance (or at least on my screen it is). One side wider than other. Plus, the frame is too big was another thought I had on #2. Thin frame will work just great without taking away from listing. I do not like the real thick frames as they take away from the item, especially if item does not look that great with black. OR sometimes you will have that black that is NOT a jet black and if frame is real thick that would make that NON jet black item look dark gray/black. If frame is thinner you know it is there, but it adds to item not takes away.
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I agree with lookandbuyme that the off-center quality of #2 is not as desirable as having it centered.

I also agree with the idea that a dark border will make many photos seem "washed out." I notice this with the templates, so I typically use a template that is no darker than the item, whether it is black or another color. A picture framer once suggested to me that a mat and frame should not be darker than the darkest color in the picture because it draws the eye away from the picture. I know that my comments involve opinions and preferences and there is no right or wrong; even so, I'll cast my vote for either no border or an option for the lister to choose no border.
I do Like the border and think the option idea would be great for those who do not, even though I would use the black border more than likely unless it is way thick or off center. Please have it set so we do not have to fill in option EACH time (I believe you call it default to have that). BUT PLEASE not each time you do a listing.

IF you do border, please stick with black (not some funky color) which I assumed you would do anyway.

Thanks again for asking input.
Version 3 is better in my personal opinion.

A few things to make it have better usability for the buyer: automatically fit the image to the screen, rather than have a view full size button. Change that button to a zoom feature. This will allow the visitor to zoom in on the image if needed which probably wont happen too often because this image is more viewable but if it needed its there. Also, most image galleries stack the images from 1 down to say 6 before starting the second column of images for fast scanning, you can write the code to allow for centering of images until a 7th image is detected and then reset code to allow for double column. The end user will not see this happen it will load before they do.

I do think the color palette is nice but solitarysandpiper is right and that is why most galleries are still built with white backgrounds. To give it a more modern look you could create a frame appearance with a black/dark gray outer frame while still leaving the area around the image white, similar to thedouble matting of a painting you could even give the appearance of a beveled edge on the outer layer. If you stay with it as it is now it would be better to lighten the background on the left column so each images is clearly distinguishable from the background, and set the background for the large view to black for the background/border and allow auctiva users/sellers to have to option to change it if needed.

I think it is great that you put things out there for feedback from your users so that the end users of our listings get a better product.
Apparently that was part of todays update.

Be careful, as I was going to check in account settings for all of mine. When I checked box it had warning about sizes and realize I am close to my limit and did not want to go over it. If you are close and do not want to go into next level you may need to watch.

Just a I do not know how to figure if I have enough to move over without going into next level.
Thanks I will check it out.

It is very hard to keep up and or figure out what has changed, is changing, how it changed...and all the normal glitches that come along with the changes.

I guess if while this is going on if we all just make a thread/post about it them maybe we can figure it out with what some of us notice and what others may notice.
They did post that this was part of todays update....but did not remind us of the added cost if go over. That thought never hit my poor old brain!! (duh) I probably paid attention because I know I am getting close to my maximum without going up or deleting photos. Thankfully I put them all in a SOLD folder (in case I need again) so can delete pretty quickly.

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