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Today I created a good number of folders to cover all the items that I will be listing. I also posted a listing as well as manually adding to my inventory on Auctiva. None of the folders that I created are showing on the drop down folder button on the active listings screen. Am I doing something wrong?

Operating System: Windows 10
Browser: Chrome

It also does not show under the Closed Listings screen.

There appears to be a disconnect between creating folders from the Inventory section and creating folders in the Listing section. I created a folder in the Listing section and now it is in the drop down from the Active Listings Screen but the folders I created in the Inventory section are not showing. Is this by design? Do I have to create folders in both places moving forward?. Does that mean there will be disconnect between what I am seeing in Inventory as opposed to what I am seeing in the Listings section?

I have also opened a support ticket on this but I also wanted to check here in case I am doing something wrong or have a misunderstanding about it.
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I guess I was wrong. Apparently you do have to create folders in both sections, Listing and Inventory. I created one in the Listing section and when I went to add a new Inventory item, it was not showing in the folders under Inventory. If someone from Auctiva could check this out, that would at least help me to keep my sanity. I'll check to see if I can reopen the ticket that I had previously closed.

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