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Good luck...will sure vote if approved....but will let you know...I have attempted to add several comments to a couple that were already on there all follow up comments to things that were already on there none approved. Someone else on forums said they recommended a change or two and those were not put on either. The thumbs up or down do not have to meet the censorship, but any comments are censored. I would encourage everyone to attempt to do both anyway. Maybe even starting their own suggestion this to be changed back. Also, please post on forum thread for this.
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Hmmmm....well I guess we are not allowed to make official suggestions either, at least far as this issue is concerned.

It was a legit suggestion.

It didn't violate any policies.

That is what the suggestion board is supposed to be for, isn't it??

So why the censorship with this issue??

What is it with "this" issue that Auctiva is trying so hard to ignore??
Trinkets, it was is a legit.

I am like you what is feature center for? I have voiced this many times.

IF you do not want suggestions, don't put a place or ask for them. It is a waste of time to submit suggestions comments there when most do not make it.

Censoring suggestions & comments (obviously if contain X rated information another story which even on forums here I have not seen x-rated - though have some of those in my head at times Big Grin)

This forces us to throw it out there on forums? We have no place else to put what we want/need/wish for. I wonder if they are censored by someone who even uses the system from a seller standpoint?

Maybe Auctiva can tell us where they want our suggestions put, as I feel on forums they are scattered to heck and back. BUT honestly on forums they do get a few uncensored comments.

Also, WHY in the world is the Feature Center NOT updated. I would be TOOTING MY HORN if this were my feature center, as there HAVE been some changes made that are on the TO DO list that have been done for quite awhile now! Why not let us KNOW what you have done!!

Today is Friday, end of week!!
FYI the forums are being censored also. I specifically remember posting on a recent item.
Removing the post does not make the problem go away...the problem still exists even if the person who posted is blocked, even if the discussion is closed. It is still lurking there someone will take over where one member leaves off. Hiding issues under the rug is not the answer.

Auctiva, if you do not want me on...please tell me?? I sure will not waste my time posting if my input is blocked/ignored/removed and closed? Frankly, there will be another me along the way... someone with nerve and that is passionate about their business will jump in right where one leaves off.

My post was removed (it was NOT x rated) but factual. It insulted NO one and did not use any auctiva staff names, (as we have been previously told NOT to do, but think person who dictated that is no longer around so not sure if that still applies)

AFTER I posted the posting was removed NOT by me and Auctiva closed the discussion. This has happened with some of our members before and auctiva later said they were removed in error...but when removed and discussion blocked...??? Is that an error? Or let's hide this under the rug.

Here is link to original problem:

Please everyone try to list in google with new design editor in chrome?
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