How long does it take tech support to fix technical issues as Auctiva is almost useless without them being dealt with?

I get very tired of hearing we don't know when from the support people.

I have 3 outstanding tickets open at this time.


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Hello I wish it Would Work,

Apologies for any continued difficulty you may be experiencing.

Our engineers work to resolve outstanding issues as rapidly as they are able but there are times where one fix requires a change or another fix to proceed so there are times when any given issue may take longer to resolve. Unfortunately this process changes frequently depending on the severity of issues so it is very difficult to provide estimates as to when any particular issue may be resolved.

Again, apologies for any inconvenience this may be causing you.

- Craig
Craig, thanks for the reply, but:

Please look at two of the tickets I have open and let me know how I am supposed to use Auctiva with these issues, especially if I was paying for it.

These are serious defects and need to be fixed so the site functions.
Hello I wish it Would Work -

Unfortunately the related account has been closed and accessing the related support cases would entail having the account active.

Please also be aware that there are often times multiple support cases that may be in an Open state if they were not closed by the user when they were resolved. Should you decide to reactivate your account, please feel free to file another support case that references the open cases you refer to and we'll be happy to take a further look into the issues you refer to.

- Craig
Hello again,

Thanks for that.

We've taken a look at the cases you mention and the issues related to them and unfortunately our engineers have been unable to replicate either issue in testing so it remains unclear what may have caused this to occur with your listings on import from Closed - although if the listings were created on eBay or via TurboLister sufficiently long enough ago, we may not be able to create similar enough listings to encounter the same issues due to changes to all platforms. Please also note that we have no similar reports of either issue.

You may be able to work around one or perhaps both issues if you bring the items over to Auctiva in a different way, rather than trying to import from Closed Listings. You can download using TurboLister in .csv format and our .csv uploader will accept .csv format files from TurboLister and items put into your Saved Listings in that way may not encounter similar issues. Also be aware that should you create fresh listings within an account it seems unlikely that either issue would occur.

Please also note that as the tickets themselves remain open, should any further information become available regarding a fix for them, we will update you on those specific support tickets at that time.

- Craig
But we both know that using a csv file will not import all the images into Auctiva, as they don't export from Turbo lister using the csv export, and I certainly don't want to have to upload all my images again.
If the active listings were imported into the saved listings, instead of closed, it would probably eliminate many issues.

I already had to add many images into TL after using Auctiva to list and now I still have many listings with duplicated images which also came from Auctiva.

Something is broken when an import is done or when they are moved from closed to saved.
Craig, if tech support could not replicate, why was I told this in the ticket?

We were able to verify the reported behavior. Therefore, I have gone ahead and created a Work Ticket and escalated the details to our Engineering department for investigation purpose. I will get back to you through this support case, once I have an update.
And this one as well

After further investigation, we were able to verify the reported behavior. Therefore, I have gone ahead and created a Work Ticket and escalated the details to our Engineering department for investigation purpose. I will get back to you through this support case, once I have an update.
Some one is not telling the truth or 1 hand has no idea what the other is doing.

I don't want to be blunt, but this is getting very hard to take for a paid service.

On my other account, I was on Auctiva for many years and never had issues like this.

I have the other one closed due to image issues at that time as well that Greg got involved with
Hello again,

That is correct, a .csv file will not import images into an Auctiva account, however, if your images are externally hosted, you can include the appropriate URLs for them in an .csv upload and that information will be added to Saved Listings accordingly.

There is a feature request in place that has been forwarded along to our product management team regarding an ability to import active listings into Saved in a manner similar to importing from Closed Listings.

It seems there has been a bit of confusion in the sum of our responses. Please understand that when I noted that we have been unable to reproduce the issue you refer to, my meaning was that we have not been able to reproduce the issue in any other account or with listings other than those you have imported into your Saved Listings; again, please be aware that we have no similar reports of either issue referenced in your support cases.

I've updated one of the cases you provided with a request to test within your account directly. Please review the details of this request and respond to the support case, which has been flagged to come to me directly.

- Craig
I have replied to the support case authorizing usage of the data to test.

My images are on my computer so that does not help with a csv file. I have over 15 GB of images so using URL's is very time consuming

Thank you


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