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Hi is anyone else having this problem?
I fill in the postage costs for overseas shipping in Europe, USA & Canada, and Australia and Japan. When I upload to ebay the postage for USA and Canada and Australia and Japan have vanished. Only the costs for Europe remain. I am using Chrome with adblocker if this makes a difference.
Very frustrating as I then have to go and manual revise every item for missing overseas shipping costs.
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Hello hartberry -

I am sorry to hear that you have run into difficulty with some shipping methods reaching eBay.

We are currently aware of an intermittent issue when there are shipping methods with the identical service name not displaying correctly once the data reaches eBay, which our engineers are looking into. At present it is unclear if there is an issue with the way the data is sent or if there is an issue on eBay as, if this is the same issue you have encountered, the data is being sent as detailed in the Saved Listing but not all of the shipping data shows as sent once the listing is live on eBay.

If you are not sure that this is the same issue or would like us to have a look at some unmodified example items, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site so we can have a look.

- Craig
I have been having this problem with one of my Ebay shops. The full custom locations for shipping costs are not transferred across to Ebay when the listing goes active. I have two Auctiva accounts and two Ebay Shops. I can list fine from one account and all shipping details are correct but the other shop is causing me a huge headache. Half my shipping locations are not included in my active listings. I initially thought it was a problem with Auctiva but obviously if one account is still listing ok on Ebay then the fault must be with Ebay. I've spent hours on the phone to Ebay and the only solution is to manually change the shipping when it goes live on Ebay. This causes a huge headache as I have 600+ listings all with different postage costs. The problem has been there for months and still hasn't been resolved!! I had opted in to the Business Policies in both Shops which caused me problems in the shop that is listing incorrectly so I opted out of it again. This still did not solve the problem. With all the active content issue being sorted on both sides and also the introduction of Business Policies (voluntary at the moment but compulsory in the future) then there is obviously a computer blip somewhere which doesn't affect everyone. A lot of my listings which had been relisted via Ebay for years as I sell multiples of some items also had some of the shipping locations missing and they hadn't been anywhere near Activa!
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Hello Jsow102 -

Our engineers are aware of the issue you refer to with shipping method information, however we have confirmed that we are sending the data as it has been recorded in the Saved Listings. We are looking into the issue and hope to have it resolved soon.

As for using Business Policies from within your Auctiva account, we do have a Beta version of our lister page that makes use of eBay's business policies from within your Auctiva account. If you have such set up on eBay and wish to make use of that version of the lister page, please file a support case letting us know and we can set your account up to be a part of that Beta. The page will allow you to select from your available eBay Business Policies while creating a listing and then post to eBay making use of those policies.

- Craig
Thanks Craig. Opting into the Business Policies came with its' own problems. I have so many different postage rates it seemed so terribly confusing. As we don't have to opt into the Business Policies at the moment I am happy to leave well alone. Looking at the original comment about the excluded shipping locations it seems that the shipping locations missing are exactly the same ones as hartberry. (I just love being called a newbie, I've only been selling on Ebay for 17 years lol)

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