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This first link is how my template actually looks on Auctiva:

The practiceboard link below is how I want a listing to look. The template I have is new and as you can see, all the information is within the template itself- Title, Images, etc.

I would like to be able to type up my listing in my template in notepad and copy & paste it into the Auctiva listing. Can this be done?
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Try going to a new listing and then pasting your html code into the box where you would type in your description. Make sure you click on "Text Mode" link that is right above the box first. I just tried it and it worked. I pasted the html and then switched back to "Design Editor" and I saw what everything will look like in a listing.

Hope that helps....

Thanks, Marcia, for your suggestion.

It didn't work for me. It still looks like the first link I posted.

When I pasted in the HTML, each line had a space between it. It's not like that in Notepad.

The spaces might have broken up the HTML. Is that possible? I surely wouldn't want to have to go through a whole listing to fix the spacing.
Are you pasting the html from notepad and not from practiceboard?

I'm not entirely sure, but I think that notepad does something funny to html when you try to paste from it in Auctiva.

If you are pasting from notepad, could you try and paste the html from practiceboard and see if it works? I just pasted your html into the description box in a new blank listing and everything, template and all, came up fine. I did not get the weird space thing either.

Yes, I was pasting from notepad.

When I copied the text from practiceboard, it worked! Yay!

Thank you so much, Marcia!

I've been using Notepad for a few years because Microsoft Word was causing goofy things to happen to my listing in eBay.

Is there another editor I should use, or am I going to have to paste each listing from practiceboard?
Coffee Cups editor is'nt bad but its a trial edition which bites. I have not tried it in a few years now... But, last I knew both Namo and Netobjects sold their editors at eBay. So one can get the last release edition for a considerable savings. I cant say I'm real fond of Namo, Netobjects Fusion is a really really nice package.


This edition of Namo has both FreeMotion and Canvas. Canvas is a vector based graphics creation tool. Pretty slick actually. Freemotion also comes with it, this is a "Flash" editor of sorts. Its good, its not as good as Flash. But its pretty damned good. This particular vendor is including quite a bit of software with it as well. Much of it is rather "phht..." BUT Mindmap which he's including is another NICE piece of software. Its a WONDERFUL tool for mapping your thoughts, brainstorming ideas... Its just really really nice... well worth the $40 on its own.


For $25 its a steal.

Additionally there is "NVU" which is completely free and is REALLY NICE as well.

While they note "Dreamweaver" as a comparison I can tell you... Its not dreamweaver, at the same time Dreamweaver is expensive. NVU is free, its excellent.

Sorry Kolstrom I am not familiar with its shopping cart addition... the last version of Fusion I used frequently was version 8. I then went to Frontpage 2002 due to some tools that worked well between FP 2002 and Visual Studio (Microsofts software engineering platform). Then a few years back now I did some work for a firm in Ohio who bought the entire Dreamweaver suite and had just no clue about well... it and then some... they wanted an Intranet. In any event, we made a deal so I did what the contract was and they gave me the Dreamweaver Suite for $0. So now I pretty much use it for base web work. I use Visual Studio 2005 (again Microsofts complete development environment) much more often than I do "web work".

In regards to shopping cart packages myriads of them exist. I've never used Zen or Agora for example which are both free. I used OSCommerce years ago and its a powerhouse and free albeit complex for what our needs were. I've used Miva which again is another powerhouse with considerable overkill for what are needs were.

How does a merchant know which cart to go with would be a good question. Lots of places have reviews of eCommerce packages and of course they all try and vye for your cash and/or usage.

You'll find VERY few unbiased reviews and somewhat worse yet most reviews are done by people who are not actively engaged in ecommerce. There's alot of that in todays web. That is to say operations who "know whats best" for merchants when in fact they dont sell anything accept services to merchants!

In my experience its important that a merchant realize what their needs are and what directions they wish to go. In other words am I happy with my one ecommerce store? Do I plan on trying to grow business or am I happy with where I am at? Do I want good search engine ranking? Do I have a base skill set of web page design? How do I plan to drive traffic in? Do I want manage my own show or have it all done by a service (be that a host provider or something like Auctiva). I can go on and on with what a merchant need consider before really selecting a eCommerce package.

Its like anything else in life that'd be long term. You dont just purchase say a furnace from a street vendor because he says its good and will last long.

With that said, our firm has been kicking around the idea of entering the eCommerce storefront software business for a few years now.

We actually have defined what we feel is the optimal eCommerce solution for small/medium sized businesses both existing on the web and not. Simply put presently it does not exist. That is to say there is no cart/service that we are aware of that comes close to what we have defined. So we'll see where it goes... We are looking at creating it over this winter if we decide "Lets do it".
Just spent some time with Fusion and in my opinion it's not really an html editor, but more of a site builder software. It definitely wants you to build using templates and touts that you need to know no html at all.
The only thing I found for a cart in Fusion is signing up with, and that costs alot more.
Here's a link to demo sites for zen and os:
zen and os demo
Zen is better in my opinion, and I beleive it was built on top of os.
It's nice that you got Dreamweaver for free, but most folks just don't want to spend that kind of money. It would be nice if your company does build a simple solution with lots of functionality. Reason being one must know a bit of html, css, and php to get a zencart running.
Fusion has a raw HTML ability just as does dreamweaver/frontpage etc. But yes, almost all of the packages out there today are more oriented towards building a site vs singular pages.

If we go into development of what we want see for eCommerce it will indeed have strong functionality and be a breeze to use, so much so anyone who's run a business can sit down and be selling (successful like) in no time flat. No prior experience required whatsoever is the idea.

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