When I want to relist ended listings I do the following:

-go to closed listings
-import listings
-listings then are in saved listings
-i then edit etc and post from saved listings

I just want to be sure i am doing this correctly since i notice that after importing and going to the saved listings that:

-store category is gone
-customs item specifics are gone
-pictures are gone except for header & gallery images

thank you for your help
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I don't import anything out of Closed Listings, because I have seen the same issues.

When you create listings and post them, do you not still see them in your Saved Listings folder? I have a current folder and a sold folder, so anything that doesn't sell I just re-list directly out of the current folder. I haven't had any issues with anything being missing using that method.

Thanks for your reply..apparently the closed listings do not show up in the saved listings until they are imported...at least thats what i am finding.

i go the the closed listings mostly to relist store listings that have ended.

thanks, john
OK, that is probably true if you are importing listings that weren't originally created in Auctiva. I'm at the point now where everything I have was created here, so they are in my saved listings folder already.

i also do all my listings thru auctiva...do all your store fixed price listings show up in your saved listings when they are ended ?

i dont think mine do...in the closed listings folder its easy for me to see the most recent listings that ended so i can relist them

My experience has been that if they are in the saved listings folder, they stay there unless you move them. There is a dropdown that says 'Show Last xx Days' that defaults to 30. I usually change mine to All, and I can see everything that I've created. Once something sells, I manually move it to a 'Completed' folder that I created myself, but I've never had an issue just re-listing from the Saved Listings page.
Hi John,

Thanks for contributing to our forum.

It is expected that your Item Specifics will not come over when you use the “Import Listings” button on the Closed Listings page to make a copy of the item on your Saved Listings page, but our system should be able to import your eBay store categories and the images within the description successfully.

If you continue to find that your eBay store categories are not imported when you use this feature, please contact our Customer Support team directly from under the “Help” tab within your account and we will be happy to look into that further.

However, the “Import Listings” feature is designed to import the description of each selected item by grabbing all of the description HTML from the corresponding closed listing on eBay and placing it within the description editor.

Since any Auctiva templates you may use (and the images within them) are embedded into the description, if you use this option to import an item that was originally posted through Auctiva, you should find that your template and the images end up within the description editor - as opposed to the usual “Select Template” and “Auctiva Image Selection” areas.

This feature is primarily intended to help new users create saved listings from their items that were listed before signing up for Auctiva, and using it for items which already contain Auctiva templates and image hosting feature can admittedly make the resulting saved listings more difficult to edit.

Our system will automatically retain saved listings for any items that you saved and/or post from within Auctiva so, as no10pin alluded to, you should already have copies of the items you have posted through Auctiva in the Saved Listings section of your account unless you have deleted or overwritten them.

I hope this helps clear things up!

hi mike,
As usual thanks for your quick help....basically what i am trying to do is relist and maybe edit any listings that have ended, particularly the store listings. once i receive the email from ebay indicating store listings ended.

In the closed listings it shows the date the listings ended so its easy to figure out which listings just ended and to relist and/or edit.

If i go to the saved listings i dont think it shows the date the listings ended so i can easily figure out which ones ended so i can relist/edit.

Maybe there another way to do this other than going to the end listings ?

thanks again for your help
Hi auctiontime4u,

Thanks for the clarification.

Is there any reason that you are attempting this method instead of using the “Bulk Relist” or “Edit and Relist” options to relist these items directly from your Closed Listings page? I would generally expect using one of those options to be much quicker than using the “Import Listings” option to move the items in question to your Saved Listings folder and then reposting them from there.

If you choose the “Bulk Relist” option, you will find the option to edit a select few fields such as Quantity, Start Price, Buy It Now, Reserve Price, Duration and Item Condition.

On the other hand, if you need to make more comprehensive revisions, you can use the “Edit and Relist” option (look for the pencil icon in the “Actions” column) which should be available for any closed listings that originated from Auctiva.

You may be able to determine the closing dates of your items from your Saved Listings page by comparing the “Last Post” date to the duration, but that may not be reliable for items that you have relisted (or reposted using the “Import Listings” method) since originally listing them through your Auctiva account.

Hopefully one of these relist options will work for your purposes.


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