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I am sorry to hear you have encountered difficulty with deleting images in your account.   We are not aware of any issues that would cause this to occur as you have described.

It is unclear what may be occurring for you as I have tested this in my own account and when I select the option to delete related images when I delete a saved listing the images in that listing are all deleted from my image management area.  

Please be sure that you do not have multiple copies of the images in your listings saved  in your account as only the specific images associated with a listing will be deleted when you use this option while deleting saved listings.

If you continue to encounter difficulty, please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site providing a complete description of the issue you are encountering and a few example listing titles where you have run into such an issue so our support team can look into it further.


 - Craig

Sorry Craig, nothing on Auctiva has been fixed since the last issues I had in 2017. I have filed a ticket  again.

Also, when importing from closed to save it only imports the 1st image. No way I am reuploading all images again.

As well the shipping has also been messed up the same as before.

I have better things to do than make work projects because your system has too many issues with listings not originally created on Auctiva.

I would have to rework all my listings from scratch which is not going to happen while I have to pay for the service.

If you want to give me a couple of months free, I might consider it. I have only paid for 1 month since I had to make sure it would work.

Please let me know as no way I can list anything the way it is. Please advise ASAP so I know if I will have to go to inkFrog or not.

Hello again,

Thanks for filing a ticket, our agents will review your report and try testing further in your account as needed.  As noted I am unable to reproduce the issue you have described in my own account, so it is unclear what may be occurring for you there.  When I delete a Saved Listing and check the box to remove the associated images, all of the images that are in that listing delete as expected and those images show in the deleted images section of my account.

There have been numerous changes to the site to accommodate eBay's changes and we do have some current issues with certain types of shipping policies importing correctly, however, we do not currently have other reported issues with the shipping tools we provide.  If you are encountering issues with saved listings relating to the shipping section, again, I encourage you to provide complete details in a support case so our team can look into it to assist you.

While I am sorry to hear that you remain dissatisfied with the service, I am unable to provide you with free service based on your report here, but I encourage you to continue with your support case so we can get to the bottom of the issue you have encountered with deleting images and file another if you have encountered other issues with your listings.

 - Craig

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