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Hi, relist will just relist what is already uploaded onto eBay.

You either need to list as a new listing or relist the current one and edit once live with eBay's revise listing tool.

Note that changing the header image of a relisted or active listing does not change what appears in your Auctiva storefront, you need to contact Auctiva support for assistance.
I get it (I think)
Trying to use same listing (with new pics)
Going thru 'create similar'
Old pics won't disappear

is this right? It shouldn't be happening, that's why Auctiva has 'creat similar" so you don't have to do the whole listing over again. I do this all the time with no problem..try filing a support request under the help button. But keep in mind the storms may keep them from replying as quickly as usual....
OOPs...if you're actually 'relisting' I don't think it will work. I don't know if you can edit listings that are being relisted..You'd have to use Auctivas 'create similar', change the pics, and just post or schedule.

Check this out:

So even if you are using 'create similsr' you can't actually edit pics...
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