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Hi everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!
I have a question...I FINALLY enabled my scrolling gallery. I'm just wondering if it will show up on my listings that are already running for their second day... I enabled it about 5 or 6 hours ago & nothing yet. It's not that important, I know I'll have it on future listings, just curious if it will show up on these active listings. (I think I saw ninth_wave lurking around Big Grin )

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Hi 8880 - Yeah I'm finally back in business. My computer went south and so had to get a new one - very time consuming, but much happier now. It's great to be back on the board.

Regarding your scrolling gallery, can't say for sure, but I think the gallery is appended to your listing when it is posted, therefore it may not display any listings posted before you enabled it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, and too all the Auctiva members and staff! Smile
Hi again,
For anyone else that might need to know how to do this...I asked support this morning (they gave me an answer in about 1 minute literally Smile ) I've copied/ pasted the instructions below...DUH goes to me, sounds so easy once you know HOW.....

>>> You can also add scrolling gallery to your active listings manually. In order to add scrolling gallery to an active listing manually, you will need to paste the scrolling gallery HTML into the HTML description of the listing using eBay’s “Revise your Item” form. This can be done via the following process:

1) Click the “Scrolling Gallery HTML” link under the “Store” tab within your Auctiva account.
2) Highlight and copy the entirety of the HTML code displayed in the “Scrolling Gallery HTML” box.
3) Visit the item on eBay and click the “Revise your Item” link.
4) Scroll down about 1/3 the page to the “Description” section and click the “HTML” tab on the editor.
5) Place your cursor within the HTML description where you would like the scrolling gallery to appear, and paste in the HTML copied from the “Scrolling Gallery HTML” page.
6) Save your changes. <<<

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