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A recent change to eBay listing form this past eBay weekly maintenance of 27/28 has broken the Auctiva scrolling gallery.

If you are logged into a site like say, clicking on an item in the gallery would bring up the listings on that eBay site. With the eBay change, it always comes up on no matter what site you are on. The listing will show US prices and the eBay USA English in the listing.

If the potential buyer continues in that window on to buy they will forced to log into even though they are already logged into their home site.

Is there anything that can be done to fix the showcase?

PS It appears that the eBay description iframe is now using .com and not the local eBay site. I would assume that Auctiva gets the buyer eBay site from the description iframe URL and now it is no longer the buyer eBay site.
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Hi Richard,

Thanks for helping to bring this to our attention. I was not previously familiar with the eBay change you described, but I was able to locate the support case you filed on this topic and have forwarded the details of the issue to our technical team for further investigation.

We will follow up with you again through that case as soon as we have had a chance to look into this further and have some additional information to share.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may be causing.

I will repeat what I added to my support case on this issue.

The behavior appears intermittent because of the way a listing is loaded on an eBay site.

If the eBay listings has not determined the capabilities of the user display, it will load the listing without any HTML iframe. So the description can see the viewers eBay site. If the viewers display capabilities can be determine (from a login session of viewing other listings), then the description is loaded into a separate frame hosted from No longer can the eBay site be determined in the eBay description since it is isolated from the listing.

So the Auctiva showcase uses the to show listings instead of the actual viewers site.

So the issue will seem intermittent depending on the HTML frame for the description being loaded or not.

This design change of the eBay listing will most likely cause issue for all third party showcases and any tools that try to determine the eBay site from inside the description. I do not know how the Sellathon counter works but if it is in the description, it will show that the viewers are all from and not other sites.

Perhaps eBay can be persuaded by third party services such as Auctiva to somehow pass a variable to the HTML frame listings with the viewers eBay site. This could be used to fix tools using the eBay site. Or simply go back to having the original site URL being used.
Hi Community,

I pleased to report that we have just made an update to our site which should make it so the new scrolling galleries that are added to your listings from this point on do not exhibit this behavior, but the scrolling galleries that have already been added to your listings will remain unchanged.

For now, in order to correct this issue in any of your listings for which the scrolling galleries still exhibit this issue, you would need to delete the existing scrolling gallery code from the description HTML of each listing using eBay's “Revise your Item” form and then replace it with the scrolling gallery code that is available within your Auctiva account.

You can access this new scrolling gallery code from within your account by mousing over the “Gallery” tab within your account and selecting the “Get HTML” option.

Similar to the new code, the old scrolling gallery code that you would need to remove if you choose to revise your existing listings in this manner begins and ends with HTML tags which look like the following: <!--ASW-->

We are currently looking into the possibility of creating a tool which would help users like yourself update the scrolling galleries in existing active listings, and I will follow up with you again through this thread to make you aware of any developments in that regard which may become available.

If you notice any remaining issues of this nature, please feel free to let us know and we will look into things further. Thanks again for helping to bring this to our attention.


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