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I have noticed over the last few weeks that in many of my auctions with Sellathon counters, the counter is not working . . .

As a matter of fact I just came here to ask pretty much the same question .. . "Just what do I have to do to get a sellathon counter that actually counts?"

It's been a couple of weeks AT LEAST for me also, I have been over to "My Account" a couple of times to see what the deal was . .. I guess that there is no deal as it said that "A Sellathon Counter is generated when you sign up for an Auctiva account" OK, I believe that since I DID have a counter that counted at one time .. . but other than that - I've had much larger fish to fry - OR problems of a more urgent nature to deal with than to get veered off into some sort of 'counter adventure'.

But I do get curious from time to time .. . have I had no Visits to my listing? And just how am I managing to actually sell anything if there isn't?
Well I guess I just put it off to 'FM' - probably the most useful explanation for ANYTHING that I learned the first day of my Air Force Tech School in Avionics Maintenance . . . as the instructor said . .. . "Around here, FM does not stand for Frequency Modulation . . ." and he finished with an impact statement concerning F****** Magic as the explanation for all the unexplained 'happenstances' in this world . .. and all these years later - I still find him to have been correct - lol! Wink

But I too, am open to any other options as to what the problem may be!!!!
I have been experiencing the same problems with the Sellathon counters for weeks. Much of the frustration has been that one day they will work and the next day in the same auction they won't load, I get nothing or red X. The counters have been so sporadic I never know when one does appear whether the count is accurate or whether it is only counting on the days it appears. I finally started using Andale free counters as a replacement, because an unreliable counter is worse than worthless when you spin your wheels revising ads that are not getting the hit count only because the counter is faulty.
The only advantage to the SellAthon counters would be that you can get the HTML for the counter and put that in your listing wherever you want it to show up...

Unfortunately you can't do that with the Andale counters since they generate new HTML for each and every listing...

I wish that Andale would make their counters a little smarter because then I would just put the HTML for their counters in one of my Seller Details profiles.

Although...maybe it would be nice just to get the eBay counters back...

I am new to Auctiva but I have had some problems with them too, Today I checked them out and it said that I had only 1 auction that was being watched out of the 15 auctions I have listed, but Ebay has a few more watchers showing. This is my second adventure in selling on Ebay, I sold before and always used Andale, I still have Andale automatically added to all auctions, but don't get to excited by there #'s. In my auctions that ended a couple days ago I had the Andale and the Ebay counter in them and Andale was off by over 20 hits on at least 1 so........
I have not and am still not having a great experience with the Sellathon counter. A counter, to me, makes a huge difference in that I use it primarily to see what kind of traffic or interest I am experiencing in my auctions to decide whether or not I want to put out the $$ to relist an item. No counter = no data=bad business. Since this problem seems to be happening to several of us, I would like just to be able to use Ebay counters in our Auctiva auctions. I wonder if this would be a possibility? Does anyone from Auctiva know if this can be done?
Actually, as a paid Sellathon subscriber, I can vouch for the fact that Sellathon is still collecting data, even when my counter doesn't show up in my ads. I can still go to Sellathon to check my counter stats (although this doesn't help the users who only use the free counter).

Since the counter loads directly from Sellathon, I think this is an issue that Auctiva needs to bring up with them.

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