This post is long!! For, it contains what happening,eBay and Auctiva responses to question. Besides addressing the "overcharging" I also recent experienced "wipe out" issue with "Pay and Print" function on Auctiva!

To Auctiva Ticket 551909

Lately, I am having experiencing a difference between USPS postage costs quoted before an item sells resulting paying more when item sells. Take for instance the above item number, on eBay the Buyer Invoice postage to Canada is $1.95 (without $1.00 handling charge); however, when I go to create shipping label through eBay. The cost goes up to $3.45. A $1.40 difference, I can go back to Buyer to ask them to pay the difference therefore, I end up paying the additional cost. Not Cool!!

What I have notice are three issues happening here, one is when I purchase shipping label through eBay now before I get into the particulars. I am a Top Rated seller thereby eligible for USPS discounts and each time go to create a shipping label it states I am receiving such prices so that not the problem. Even, I did not qualify it is mute for the cost before item is sold should remain the same after item sold. For, beforehand one needs to determine packaging and weight before putting item up for sale. As I was saying, I create shipping label for above item in this case comic is going by "First Class International". Same mail choice, I chose in listing ship in "Large envelope" for the envelope is 12"Long x 8.5" High x ".25 Thick also known as "Flat" not a "package" no dimensions to enter even if I want to enter them, for the boxes are "grey out". However, when purchasing shipping label, my only choice available under first class international is "package" at a cost of $3.45 not $1.95 resulting being overcharge $1.40. Not Cool!!

I have been experiencing the overpricing for a bit, but been too busy to follow up on it. Until now, this needs to be address and corrected from this point forward. Previously, before putting in problem ticket I would just go Auctiva buy label because it allow me to make appropriate corrections, but not today. Second and third problem, second just happen I make the corrections by selecting "USPS" then select "Flats" enter dimensions in boxes on seller and customs, select merchandise, enter quantity this being "one", value, and type. No problem, I hit "recalculate" the correct cost is shown, but now there another problem when I go to "pay and purchase" instead of creating the label it resets custom dimensions back to zero. Whereby, causing "error" to appear because it is looking for the size information that was just erased. I retry several more times with no success. Not Cool!

Finally, lastly recently there have been times where I gone because given wrong postage amount for wrong package size or to just bypass eBay gone to Auctiva to purchase labels. Only to find out even through listing has the shipping method chosen be it "First Class", "Large Envelope" Auctiva allows me only to choose for First Class "Certified Mail", or "Package" no "Flat" option. Most items I sell fit in flats some are packages. Of course, packages are not the problem. It is with "Flats" either with eBay or Auctiva or both.
I already had spoken to eBay customer support about the different postage amounts. They went over the item number in question and checked my site preferences for issues. No problem with my preferences; however, they take notice that no size dimensions are provided it could be the reason causing the cost discrepancy. Maybe it is or maybe not, but whatever it is I need this to be resolve. I have been a customer for over four years, always paid my bill on time, except for one time, I never had a reason to email for support; therefore, please look into ASAP, and besides emailing me. I am requesting to have a live person call me. For, if I am overlooking a step or misunderstanding something a email is not going do me much good, if need to email again then wait for a response at least speaking with someone they can explain and walk me through it.
Thank you,


Posted Thursday, 11/15/2012 3:42 PM
Dear Len,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this matter. I received the new case you filed in which you explained this one had been closed in error, so I went ahead and closed that one in favor of reopening this case which has all the details you have provided.

I am not aware of any current technical issues that would explain how that case may have become closed inadvertently, but I will pass the details of that occurrence over to our engineering team so they can look into what may have caused that to happen further.

I do see that the shipping calculator is producing an estimate of $1.95 when a Candian postal code (such as “A0A” is entered) but that does appear to be a correct estimate.

To confirm this, I generated a shipping quote directly from the website and was given the same quote of $1.95 for a USPS First Class Mail International shipment sent to Canada in a Large Envelope weighing 0 lbs and 4 ounces, which are the package details that were provided when the listing was created.

I understand that you have already spoken to eBay's Customer Support team about this but, given that the quote of $1.95 that is being produced by the shipping calculator is correct and you are being charged more when you attempt to print a label, I can only recommend following up with them for further information about why the cost of the label does not match the estimate.

There was an issue with our system that was causing the details in the “Customs” section to be wiped out when generating a quote in the past but we the last case we have on file about is from a couple months ago. Have you experienced that behavior more recently than that? If so, can you please let me know a an example of an item with which you encountered that problem?

Finally, there are certain restrictions in place regarding which package sizes are available with each shipping service so I am not sure that aspect of your report is indicative of a problem and the combinations available are not necessarily perfectly aligned with

I see that you were able to purchase a First Class Mail International label through Auctiva for the purchase of item # 181017649721 that was sent to the buyer called “weg_for" in Canada at a cost of $1.95 so it looks like you would just need to repeat that process to send items of this nature to Canada when printing labels through Auctiva.

Phone Support is not included with the Unlimited Plan you are subscribed to, but we will be happy to continue working with you on the issues in question through this support medium. If you would like to add the option to use Live Chat and Phone Support, you could do so by upgrading to the Pro Plan or adding it to your current plan for $5.95 per month.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions as well.

Auctiva Support

Posted Friday, 11/16/2012 8:48 AM

Thank you, for the offer in allowing me to upgrade my plan to receive "phone support", but no thank you. I am very disappointed with Auctiva's more worried about having me to upgrade rather calling me as a courtesy for obviously a glitch with their website.
Anyhow, I mentioned in my statement I already did called eBay regarding "service type" matches "listing" and generate "invoice" in cases where "flat" is chosen then changes to "package" when" buying shipping label". I provided you their response being "dimensions information" not being entered; therefore, that was why I am turning to Auctiva for a resolution. Maybe, instead of me Auctiva should call eBay to follow up on it. I am sure I am not the only seller who is or has experience this issue. I also did check the "community" to see if others mention the issue and admit maybe I should had added a comment, but I did not; however, it still does not address why issue occurs.

In regards, again I also stated receiving same postage quote you mention receiving $1.95, but the problem is with "second step" paying for postage". I had also mentioned trying several times with no success. Yes, luckily was finally able to print down correct postage, but still doe answer question why it occurs.
As to providing an "example" of "wipeout issue", it is the one we discussing it now. Well, it appears it has return. I am more even confused regarding your analyze "......certain restrictions in place regarding which package sizes are available with each shipping service" what you mean by "restrictions" and "so I am not sure that aspect of your report is indicative of a problem and the combinations available are not necessarily perfectly aligned with"( your reply was incomplete). I thought I was clear. It is what it was a "large envelope" not a "package" again why does it occurred in the first place.

Listen, I just do not have the time to play email tag. I am trying to run a business and dealing with a sick family member. Call me so we can discuss it further instead of trying to upgrade to a plan I do not need for I am not at that level to justify the cost.


Len Page
Original Post
Hi Len,

Thanks for taking the time to speak to me on the phone today. As we discussed, I believe that the issue causing you to be charged "package" (instead of "flat") rates when printing shipping labels directly through the eBay website must be a result of a technical issue on their side and I recommend continuing to follow up with eBay's Customer Support team about that.

However, I have made our Product Management team aware of your experience and I will follow up with you if we are able to uncover any additional information that may help explain why you are encountering that behavior.

I also understand that you would like to be able to print First Class shipping labels through Auctiva for items sent in “flat” or “letter” packages without including “Certified Mail” and we will take your feedback into consideration when planning future updates to our shipping label service.

The issue here seems to be that you are not understanding it is a thick envelope/package and they are charged at the package rate....not the rate for sending letters.
Not sure who you talked to at eBay but they were incorrect.

That is why you are seeing the difference in the prices. This is neither an eBay issue nor an Auctiva issue.

You need to adjust how you are doing/listing the shipping on your end and list the shipping correctly for what you will be charged.

Sorry but it is not a flat or a letter envelope. It is a thick envelope/package.
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Thank you, for taking the time for calling me.
First off, ignore my previous comments about having "Certified" or "Signature" restriction remove from Domestic First Class. I should have known better. Reason they provide "tracking" status on shipments, for without it there no way to know where item in transit.

Thank you for your comments!
However, I know the differences between letter, large envelope and packages. What I did not understand at the time, but now I believe the reason why USPS shipping label show a higher rate then what stated on listing, packing slip and invoice.
For, I am no computer expert, but I believe the cause has something to do with data exchange between Auctiva, eBay and USPS for recently I noticed on "International" rate is higher than buyers had paid on their invoices. My domestic mailing does not seem to have issues, but I have so few items where buyer pays shipping for most are "Free Shipping". Maybe other sellers may know better.
Michael, I email over recent international transactions for you and your people to look them over. I believe
For, brevity sake here the short version and strongly recommend sellers check your past, and present "international" shipments transactions. What caught my eye was when I took apart a recent international transaction involving an Olympic pin weight 2 oz., going in "large envelope" to buyer living in Greece by First Class International. Very important point you need to remember mailed as "Regular" size envelope under postal regulations for if "Irregular" there additional charge. Actual cost (no buyer markup) $2.53, but when I separate transaction into six parts printing down Auctiva listing, eBay listing, packing slips, invoices then comparing one another right on the money, $2.53.

Whereas, eBay shipping label rate$3.45, why $.92 more than listings, packing slips and invoices?
Something very wrong here I cannot ask buyer to fork over the difference; especially, when their invoice it is $2.53! It was not until I visited USPS website plug in, my zip code 02575, Greece, 2oz, and Regular large envelope result: $2.53! Okay, why shipping label even more than USPS?
Remember I mentioned "important point" above about "size". For, I changed size from "Regular" to "Irregular" (can one or all three boxes same price) did small package, too result: $3.45 same as label!
Maybe it is a fluke so I repeated same steps as the first on another transaction. Same result label ignores envelope type just assumes package altogether had also resulted in "Irregular" rate was same as the shipping label. Info: Zip code: 02576, Canada, 4 oz, Large Envelope, Regular first then "Irregular" then "Package"
By now, it became obvious the listings, packing slips, and invoices show correct rate "Regular" size large envelope, but when it came to eBay shipping label, its rate was for "Irregular" or package size. I should also note in doing a shipping label for First Class International the only option one available is "Package" no letter or large envelope.
I came to the \conclusion that eBay shipping label considers regular large envelopes as "irregular" or ignores envelope size altogether to just determines it is a "Package" resulting seller paying a higher rate then what is call for.
Solution until fixed do not use eBay for shipping labels go to Auctiva instead, but very important to look not assume for the "incorrect" information carry over to theirs, too.

I hope I was clear enough for everyone to understand!

Thank you,


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