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What a mess. I listed 3 items last night that did not post. I tried again, and got 2 of them up. The 3rd still won't work. It says "posted to eBay" but it never shows up. Then, several of my profiles were missing shipping info and prices. They also specified that I did not ship internationally, and all my profiles are set for worldwide shipping. I cannot change them since I have bids already. So now I have to deal with constant emails regarding shipping, since people will not read the one line addition I put in the auction. This is a great site and has proved to be a great asset for my listings, since I make my living on eBay. But what is going on?
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We need more info to suggest much which is probably why no one has picked up this question earlier.

Did you preview and error check the listings before uploading to eBay because preview would show the selected postage services and applied rates.

I would suspect that you have not quite set things up as you intended and regards shipping I only specify a couple of rates and then ask non-UK (as I am UK based) buyers to ask for a quote because as I just said in another thread there are too many options available to list all.

I quickly learned it was best to record all quotes on a spreadsheet against the item so that subsequent enquiries could just be looked up and pasted into a standard reply, it need not take much time when you get organised.

You will find that the more information you put on a listing regarding shipping and terms etc the less it is read.

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I did preview, and I had shipping prices. But once posted, no prices would show up. My other shipping info showed up, just no price. It only affected items with my UPS profile (I have separate profiles for UPS, USPS Priority, and First Class). I've been using the same profile since I started using the site. I listed 2 items to be shipped UPS today, same problem, and I just revised them on eBay.

Another odd problem: I have been trying to list the same store item since Thursday, over and over. Each time it says it is posted, but it never comes up. I tried cutting and pasting the text into a new auction, with no success. I tried to make a new profile based on the last listing, again no success. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have listed multiple items since then with no issues. Any advice would be appreciated.
I have also had problems with shipping (on the Australian site), using the same template which has submitted 100s of items successfully.

When I previewed, only the international shipping amount was displayed - for some reason, it voids the amount for domestic shipping. No matter how many times I re-enter the info (either manually or from a template), the same thing happens.

When I try to list, ebay won't accept, with a message that if I have a figure for international shipping, I have to submit a figure for domestic shipping.

Support have told me there is a glitch in the system, which they will fix on Tuesday. They felt the problem was because my domestic shipping is "other" and suggested I change it to regular until the problem is fixed.

Today, only my domestic shipping is showing on preview, both with "regular" and "other" option. I have to have the international detail, as all our shipping is international.

So, I'll wait till Tuesday with fingers crossed. At the moment, the ony way I can list is to remove all shipping details and enter them by revising the item live on ebay.
Same problem here (I list with auctiva for another seller so this refers to their account not mine) the shipping costs are filled into the boxes, checked over and then the listing posted - when live there are no shipping costs at all in the boxes. When I looked at the saved listings for these items the shipping boxes are empty there too. They disappear between being reviewed and saved.

All have had to be edited through ebay

Whilst I'm having a whinge the problem with images not showing in the listings that occured on Friday still seems to linger because there are a number of listings showing 'blank' photos and wrong gallery shots but when you edit to correct the problem there is nothing wrong, the correct image shows in the gallery preview but when live it reverts to being faulty.

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