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I did a search for this topic and the reply was (is) not clear. Last week, I sold an item for which I didn't have a proper fit in a box. I thought I would use a padded envelope and ship first class. When I went to purchase, I did not see 1st class as an option and had to fabricate a box to fit. How do I access First class in order to address padded envelopes.
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Hello doublest -

When you are in the Shipping Tools section of the listing creation page, there is an option for USPS Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope for both domestic and international and there is an option for USPS First Class Package available at this time.

If there is a specific USPS service for the type of envelope you refer to that is not available via the listing creation page, please let us know what service that is and we can forward a request to include it on to our product management team.

- Craig
I have tried under First Class and see no option for Thick Envelope in the shipping tools. All there is is Flat (Certified Only), Letter (Certified Only) and Package. If you select Package you are then asked for dimensions which you shouldn't have to do for a bubble mailer.

Otherwise I would use the shipping tools here exclusively. At this point, I have to use Paypal shipping for all my bubble mailer packages to customers.
Hello Duckman33 -

It depends on whether you are using calculated shipping or Flat rate for the dimensions and weight requirements in the Shipping Tools section of the lister. If you select calculated shipping those fields are required.

When you select USPS first class package from the Domestic Shipping Services menu, above that you have options for Package size, and the option you would most likely use (depending on the size of the envelope) for the bubble envelopes is Large Envelope (or Package (or thick envelope)) if you are using calculated shipping.

Please note that we cannot offer shipping methods or options that are not available on eBay - and the options available on our lister match those of the Sell Your Item form on eBay - you would see the same options available when using calculated shipping. You should not need to specify the package type for Flat Rate even though you see the options for dimensions and package size and should just be able to select USPS First Class Package.

However, as eBay does not offer a specific shipping method for the bubble envelopes, we are unable to offer such a shipping method via our lister page.

- Craig

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