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Hello Community,

We have updated the Auctiva site today with a significant new feature and an improvement in ease of use of the Auctiva site. Additionally, we have provided support for our sellers to help them comply with eBay’s new item condition policy.

Parts Compatibility: You can now use Auctiva to create eBay ‘parts compatibility listings. Currently, eBay supports Parts Compatibility listings for selected categories with eBay Motors Parts and Accessories. These include:

• Lighting, Lamps & Accessories
• Exterior
• Air Intake & Fuel Delivery
• Tires
• Wheels

eBay has indicated they will be gradually enabling parts compatibility listings for other sub-categories in Car and Truck Parts, and Vintage Car and Truck Parts during the remainder of 2010. Auctiva’s new Parts Compatibility feature will automatically work with new categories as eBay enables them.

Auctiva’s Parts Compatibility Tool feature is available now to all users who are subscribed to either the Unlimited or the Premium Pricing plans.

Auctiva’s new parts compatibility feature supports both of the methods for specifying compatibility information that are provided by eBay.

1. You may search for your item in eBay's parts catalog while you are listing your item. A complete list of vehicles your part fits will appear in your listing.
2. If you don’t find a match for your product in eBay’s catalog, you can fill in the necessary compatibility information—for tires and wheels by specification; for all other parts by vehicle details.

eBay provides overview, tutorial, and FAQ information about Parts Compatibility at this link.

Item Condition: Next, we have provided support for eBay’s new item condition terms for certain categories on the Auctiva site. These new item condition terms vary by category. For example, conditions for cell phones and cameras include “New” and “Manufacturer refurbished” and item conditions for clothing include “New with tags” and “New without tags.” Find a complete list of these categories at this link.

When you use Auctiva to create a new listing or revise and existing listing for an item that falls into one of the new item condition categories, we will prompt you to select from the list of new eBay approved item conditions for the category that you are listing in. Please note that eBay will begin enforcing this on their site on July 27, 2010. Also, we have expanded the Find and Replace for saved listings to allow you to use this feature to update your saved listings to use the new item condition.

Since eBay has announced that GTC listing renewals will not require the new item conditions until 2011, we will consider providing that capability in a future site update.

Improved On-Site Help: We have consolidated links to FAQs,Tutorials, Community Forums, and EDU ‘How to’ articles on a new easy-to-use landing page. You can locate this page via a new tab on the sub-navigation bar. This new help landing page also has links for filing and checking the status of open support cases.

Design Description Editor v2.0 (Beta): We have updated the description editor in the Auctiva lister page and are making it available as a beta option to Auctiva Users. The default editor in users accounts remains the older, version 1.0 editor that everyone is accustomed to. The new, version 2.0 editor can be switched on for your account by checking the box titled "Use Design Editor v.2.0 (Beta) found on your 'Account Preferences' page under the caption 'Listing Management'.

We encourage users to try out the new version 2.0 editor and let us know how you are doing with it. We will be alert for feedback and of course any problems you may experience using it.

Want to see what else we’ve added to the Auctiva site in the last few months? Check out our April 27 site announcement.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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Hi geweaver,

Thanks for posting about your experience here. I looked into the posting failure that you mentioned and found that eBay's system attempted to route the item to a different category based on the ISBN number you entered and that the listing could not be posted because the new category required that a return policy be specified.

The part of the error details that indicates this happened simply says “This product belongs to a different category, so the category has been changed”, so it is not clear which category eBay's system attempted to add the product to.

However, given the circumstances, posting the product to a different category appears to have been the best course of action.

I hope this helps you to understand what happened here. If you need any further assistance with your account, please feel free to contact our customer support team by mousing over the “Help” tab and selecting the “File Support Case” option.


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