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Originally posted by wahm922:
You do all know you are not really talking to BF. He already said it wasn't him over here Wink

Whether it's biggredd or a BF wannabe I have no desire to speak with either one. Hopefully, BF will stay with his beloved, SpareDollar. Hope springs eternal. Besides, we have customer support here and don't need his special brand of 'help'.
Originally posted by Magie Noire:
Originally posted by wahm922:
You do all know you are not really talking to BF. He already said it wasn't him over here Wink

Whether it's biggredd or a BF wannabe I have no desire to speak with either one. Hopefully, BF will stay with his beloved, SpareDollar. Hope springs eternal. Besides, we have customer support here and don't need his special brand of 'help'.

Well said and I agree with you
The Front is Here and temps are dropping little by little every time I walk outside.

I left to take Hannah to school with the same temperature we've been having...

By the time I got home..less than eight minutes..the temp had dropped.

I just went out to water my plants/shrubs and the temps have dropped again.

Stupid Floridians! <smile> We get excited over temps predicted to be in the 50s.

Have a fun day with the babies Danielle.
It's not a contest..which is what I've been saying all along.

If person's would just use business sense to find what works for them and move along instead of only viewing it as a chatting forum..then that would be different.

Just because "they" can't let it be..doesn't mean I can't.

I haven't even worded my review of Sparedollar after two years of service. And probably won't until the dust clears.

With the numbers SD has lost..and the way the reviews are pulling up on the internet, it's a matter of time. If it works for those that stayed..I'm fine with it. <shrug> Each to his own, just respect my choice is all I've ever wanted.

As others discuss and widely....The fact that Tomas is "scared" to put his service back on the forum with eBay for auction development review as it used to be states alot.

I knew the reviews for SD were coming from them..they are over here reading the boards. Or other message boards I belong to..<shrug>

Take care, Donna
Like I really care anyway. I'm so done with that place. I wasn't a frequent boardie over there. I lurked more than I posted, but had my run ins with BF the few times that I did. I think he's Thomas's alter ego.

I'll tell ya'll, I didn't have a problem with the price hike, except that after it was announced the service went to heck, and then they had the nerve to actually go through with the price increase anyway. The decent thing would have been to credit members a month or just postpone the fee increase until all the site issues were resolved. Shame on them, I guess. Frown
Hi Gang!
I just wandered over here today. Was googling and somehow ended up here and recognixed a lot of people Smile
I've been playing with the site for a few hours and I really am liking what I see. Even made a custom template and have copied my pics over to here.
After all the expenses of our cross country move and having taken time off ebay for the move and getting settled in again here, I need to cut my costs.
It's MUCH better than I expected. Hey! Why didn't you guys tell me about this place? Razz Wink
Glad to have found this place and all you missing people Big Grin
I love how we can use different colors to organize our image folders!
Oh my Goodness! Look who found us!


I named the thread this way in hopes that a Google search would bring stray ones in.

Glad to see you join us...we're doing just fine over here and getting along real well.

You'll LOVE customer service here! The guys are great (no offense if you've hired women, ok?).

I've been here for quite some time as have others. I'd have been gone from SD at the end of August had it not been for malicious bidders and I was busy dealing with them.

We couldn't tell many where we were going as the threads would get zapped. Especially after the morning when we woke up and SD was gone...literally <poof> gone. A bill had not been paid and everyone's SD images and more were gone. That finalized the decision for alot to come over here or other venues. Once Sd was back up and running it was discussed how another service had great customer service and actually answered questions and emails. You didn't have to get your answers from members. It just isn't this service's amazing to me that all of we who have looked elsewhere and found other services..found great service at all of them. Anyway...Those threads would get zapped.

It was a harsh month..finger pointing, accusations about how we had no business sense, and persons were made fun of and stated that if we couldn't afford the four dollar increase we shouldn't be selling. <shrug> I made my decision late last spring to leave SD during the late summer months.

It was never a matter of money with we who came here and other places...we wanted customer service and a service that worked. I bear no one ill and have high hopes and wishes for their selling success...I just wish they could have wished the same my way..... <shrug>

Well, it's time I got started on making my holiday pies and casseroles..

Good to see you!

If you need help...the guys are great here.

Take care, Donna
Suthrnjewl<----------clueless on HTML

CB (Captain Binghamton) is pretty good at HTML and Danielle (wahm/ecloset) is good, also. It appears carolelliott is good, too. We have some really good minds here Zia...someone will be along soon.

KWK has signed up here also...I'm with her on an auction motivators message board and I can link you if you want. It's where quite a few of we who left SD have gone.

Lemme know!
Originally posted by tkuhn7:
I never posted much on the boards at SD during the 2+ years I was there. I listed from here for the first time on October 18 (which is probably a common date or time frame). So it has taken me a little over two months to check in.

Have been pleased with service so far.

Best regards,

Hey Tom!

Good morning!
I remember your posts.

Welcome and nice to see you. Glad to see you're pleased.

If there's anything I can do, or any of us, don't forget to ask.

Happy New Year!
Originally posted by dmhcollectibles:
Anyone know how things are going over on SD lately? Any improvements or upgrades? (or support?)

This is heresay..I don't know personally. I don't keep up, there's no need to.

Basically this is what my emails tell me from person's that are still over there and using the beta until the holidays are over or their pre-paid subscriptions are up before making the move.

The beta that was released to everyone was the same beta that others were testing in the spring of 2005. Not many changes to it, I'm told..but I don't know. As I said it's heresay so don't go by me.

Tomas implemented a ticket for help. It's just like the way we have had here all along. I've been told that Merry and others are still answering questions on the boards.

I was told there is no phone number still in which to call for help and that members had to call rackspace recently to get some help. Tomas has made appearances on the board alot more than he used to. I was told that Bill is on hand for writing code..I don't I said this is all heresay.

That's bout all I know. Sorry it's not more info for you.

The emails are mostly family info, checking in and such, very rarely discussed is Sparedollar or Auctiva or any other service. The emails are of a more personal level with news of their family and such.

How'd your Florida Christmas go?
I loved the weather in the 30s on Wednesday...wasn't that great?

Happy New Year,
Originally posted by swampcrone:
Hi hi- yet another SD person who has decided to break rank- I realized it was time to move on when I found myself using Turbo Lister more then the SD service for listings...


Glad to see you've found you're way over here. If there's anything that you find you need, the customer service is great, just fill out a help ticket and you'll get an answer.

I'm checking out your site right now!

Happy New Year,
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