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Dear Auctiva:

$14.95 to $19.95 is a pretty significant increase in the monthly fee! Can you please advise if there will be any added functionality or difference to our Auctiva experience that will benefit us? I went from $9.95 a month to $19.95 a month in a short period of time and I, along with others, would like to know what will enhance our experience with you before we start shopping with other 3rd party auction management options.

I have been with Auctiva for many years and I am extremely unhappy with this significant jump and I will have no problem taking my business elsewhere. eBay sales are extremely slow right now so I need to understand the landscape so I can make the appropriate business decision.


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Hello Scott,

I understand your concerns about the upcoming changes in the pricing of our plans and am sorry that this increase represents such a difficulty for you.  One of the primary things I would ask you to keep in mind regarding this change is that this is the first price change we have introduced in over 10 years to our general plans, while the cost of maintaining our systems and infrastructure up to current technology and eBay standards has consistently risen.  While this change has an immediate impact on the fees for our plans, we’ve continued to provide a low cost service over the course of that time and will continue to do so.

As for your specific questions, as noted in the post from our IT team last week in the News section, our recent upgrades to infrastructure we’ve seen load times decrease notably on our site pages.  (you can see that post here: )  We’ve also recently added additional security to the site and added features such as the SEO tool (which is a self-learning tool that improves as it is used), the bulk update tool for templates and other improvements to the bulk revise tools.  We have also continued to help sellers with issues related to active content, secure data and all of the changes that eBay has made in the last few years and we continue to improve the service as eBay continues to make changes to their requirements.

It is our hope that given the changes we’ve made and continue to make and the fact that we haven’t previously had to increase our prices that you will understand this situation and continue use the service.

 - Craig

Hello again Scott,

the increase that you encountered previously was specifically related to your use of one of our Legacy plans, which you shifted away from at that time and upgraded plans which included upgrades to the service.  Those plans have continued to remain available to individuals using them even though we have not offered those plans to new users in several years - we have not forced anyone to shift away from them, while there is a cost to maintaining them when our base structure is now different.    If you have specific questions about the change now or then, please feel free to file a support case so one of our agents can get into the specifics of your account with you and we'll be happy to clarify any remaining points.

 - Craig

Some months ago Auctiva stated it was contemplating adding the functionality already present in several other services that would enable us to override eBay's auto relist after 30 days.  Haven't heard anything about this.  That would seem to be a very attractive feature that Auctiva should have added already.  I would like to hear from management about this.  Thank you.

Hello Bella'sMom - 

Thank you for your continued interest in Auctiva.

We understand the desire for the feature you have noted regarding a work around for the GTC policy that eBay has put in place, and the possibility for this feature is still under consideration for development.  At this time, we have no projected time for it's development.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

 - Craig

Hello again,

Apologies for any confusion that may have resulted in the prior responses to your query about this issue.  As previously noted the feature is under consideration, which, unfortunately, does not mean that it is under development at this time.

When there is more information available regarding such a feature, I will update this thread as well as the other open threads here in the forum which relate to this specific feature.

 - Craig

How long have you worked there? My rate went from $10 to 15 just a few months ago. Are you a politician? Misrepresent the facts enough and people will believe you. 

I called to cancel and then was told I could go back to $10 but my service was cut down. No problem I was always much less than that. No you guys give two weeks notice that you are raising $5 again?

I joined when it was free and I distinctly remember it was free and going to stay free. I guess I will be cancelling this time for sure. I saw a lot of things you say you do, for the average seller most of those do not matter. Are you just trying to get rid of the small fry seller just like ebay?

Hello Dan and Scott,

Apologies for any confusion.

As previously noted, there was an increase in March that applied specifically and only to Legacy plans, not our current,  general plans.  Those were plans that we have not offered in several years that we had allowed users to continue using - they were effectively grandfathered in and there was an increase to those specific plans to maintain support of them when our base infrastructure had changed to the currently available plans.   Users who stayed on Legacy plans are still able to use those plans as they were offered and those plans were not affected by this increase to the currently offered plans.

For users who, at that time, shifted to a currently available plan, this increase would also affect you, but the increases actually each affected entirely different paths of plans.  It sounds like when the Legacy plan increase occurred in March each of you opted to shift to a current plan and as a result have been affected by the current plan fee increase.

- Craig

I only shifted to the current plan because I did not want the price increase. I was offered a plan that stayed within my usage and it was $10 month. So this is your way to get around those that were grandfathered in? I have been with Auctiva for many years. I see you do offer a less pricey plan but but what you offer for seven something is ridiculous. (15 listings?) 

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