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I usually use Firefox and never really checked IE. Today I looked at a couple of my auctions and was horrified! Here is one of the auctions:

In IE it is HUGE, yet fits perfectly in Firefox.

What can be done?

Thanks, Karen
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I just looked at it in FF, IE, and Chrome and they all look the same ?? They are all the same size and look fine. I HATE to say it (such a pat answer for everything) but have you cleared your cache & cookies lately? I cleared mine this morning, maybe that's why it looks ok? sorry I'm not much help and don't really know what to tell ya except that..
Hi Carefree,

Thanks for posting your question here. I am able to see the discrepancy you are referring to between how the listing looks in Firefox and Internet Explorer and, while I'm not exactly sure why this is happening, I have been able to confirm that some aspect of the code for the white table is causing the expansion of the template in Internet Explorer.

When I previewed the listing you posted this item from in Internet Explorer, I was able to see the horizontal stretching that appears in the active listing. However, once I removed that outside table with the white background, the problem went away - although much of your text was no longer visible.

I was then able to get the text to all show up by selecting all the description text and setting the background color to white. I believe the result is pretty nice but it is not exactly like the one you designed. I made a copy of the original saved listing that has these changes and left it on your Saved Listings page under the name "Auctiva Test Listing" so you can review it.

There may be some way you can adjust the code used to generate that outside table to make it so this doesn't happen but, aside from that and the adjustment I just explained, the only other solution that comes to mind is to remove that table and choose a template with a light background.

I hope this helps. If you need any further assistance with your account, please feel free to contact our customer support team by mousing over the "Help" tab on the site and selecting the "File Support Case" option.

I found the problem. You were right, it was the white table (which is the description table when creating the auction in Auctiva). That table has a width of 810! After the auction is posted it is an inner table so that width is definitely not going to fit (it is the default template size though, I had not touched it). I changed it to 100% and it solved the problem.
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