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Hi. I am new to Auctiva. I just opened an eBay shop and have been trying to create a cool shop layout. I have customised an Auctiva template and I am happy with the result. However, when I create listings, only the frame and the description appears. The rest is absent. Does this happen a lot and is there a simple solution?

I watched the turorial and have made my profiles and loaded them through a master profile. I think I have done everything correctly. My template is slightly elaborate perhaps but that cannot be the issue since this problem occurred when I only added text to the template. However, perhaps there is an error in the html code? I don't know. It just seems to me that something is preventing the template from loading properly when I create a listing. In the preview it shows perfectly. So I do not think there is anything wrong with the template itself.

I really need to post all my listings on to eBay as soon as I can and would be grateful for any help and advice with this issue. Example: Item number: 130138970480. My Auctiva username is Antraeus.

Thank you kindly.

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I am having a similar problem with my customized Auctiva template. I have five live auctions posted and all but one appear fine in viewing the images. On the one that I'm having problems with, I chose to use two images side-by-side, which I assume stretched the template way too big for viewing. Strange though, when viewing that auction from different browsers, the template doesn't stretch viewing in FireFox,yet does stretch in AOL and IE. I have another listing with side-by-side pictures and no problem with the template images in any browser. I guess the only way to be sure is NOT to use side-by-side image option and opt for vertical images only, which I'm not crazy about. Is there ANY way of knowing BEFORE the auction is posted live, how the actual template/images will appear. If I knew in advance that my choice of using side-by-side images in that particular auction would have caused the problem, I would have opted for a different layout of images. Surely, there must be a way of knowing in advance. Previewing the auction in Auctiva PRIOR to posting the auction live, doesn't identify that there will be a template/image problem in live auction.
Louis -

It sounds like you have not created your Seller Details profile yet. You can create a Seller Details profile by clicking the Seller Details link under the Profiles tab within your Auctiva account. When creating your Seller Details, you have the option to enter information from any or all of the available sections and, when you use a particular Seller Details profile for your listings, only the sections for which you entered information will be displayed within the template.

To use your newly created Seller Details profile, select a template on the Auctiva lister page and then select a Seller Details profile from the Seller Details pull-down menu, which is located directly to the right on the Select Template button on the Auctiva lister page.

You should see the decorated tags for the different sections appear on your listings!

Bella -

With customized template it is hard to tell if something is going to react oddly with eBay code or different browsers. Our preview will show you if there is gong to be horizontal scroll to a certain extent but it is not "live" so there are some limitations as to what problems you are going to see.

One thing to try is to create your listing and save it, then go the the Saved Listings page and get the HTML using the link on the right of the listing, take that HTML to here and paste it in. You can do that in FF and IE to see if what you customized might have any problems.

And you are right, depending on how large your images are, pairing them can cause the horizontal scroll regardless of the code of the template.

Hope that helps!

Cara. Hmmm...

Thanks for advising me. I have to admit I am confused. The first thing I did was create the seller details but then when I go to list an item it seems to only ask me to load the profiles, all of which appear by loading the master.

In fact, what I have done, because I do not know how one accesses and includes the Seller Details in the listing, is to re-do them ON THE TEMPLATE itself! Haha. I figured that should always post to the listing because it is permanently part of the template. So I have all those things there: payment, shipping, about us, terms of sale and contact us.

What you seem to be saying is that these items will not appear on the listing unless accessed through Seller Details. I think. So, how does one do that? I can load the profiles okay but not these. If I can do that, I guess I should then remove my seller details text in the template although I also have pictures to go in each section on there too. Does that mean I would need to add the pictures to the Seller Details fields instead of the brackets in the template designer? I am not sure why MY simple solution doesn't work though. Hehe. In fact, I am fairly sure this did work when I used a different Auctiva template and experimented the first few times. Perhaps I 'accidentally' loaded the first round of Seller Details I created!

Oh the tension! Just want to get this fixed so I can move on. It's really holding me up!

Thanks for your further counsel in advance.
Louis -

Did you do this step?

To use your newly created Seller Details profile, select a template on the Auctiva lister page and then select a Seller Details profile from the Seller Details pull-down menu, which is located directly to the right on the Select Template button on the Auctiva lister page.

Are you using a custom template or one of ours?
I clicked on the Seller Details menu and selected my profile for a new listing but I got the same result: just the description, no more. It's late now (here in London) but tomorrow I will try deleting the info from the template and re-do the Seller Details feature. I am using an Auctiva template which I have customised. I will try a few things, including stripping it down with no pictures or animations etc.
Um, while I am here, I have another little question. I have created an automatic feeedback response and set it to automatic but I can't figure out how to use it. Like, 'automatic' doesn't seem to mean that it just sends my preferred, standard feedback response to everyone I buy from or sell to. How does this contraption work exactly? Thanks.

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