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Hi. I filled out the profile for using with templates. When I posted my listing it left out the Shipping information. I went back and hit edit on the profile. The information is there it just isn't showing in my listing. I am new so not sure if I did something wrong. I have listed some other items without this problem. Can anyone help?
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Are you referring to the Shipping profile, or the Shipping section of the Seller Details profile which fills-in the [SHIPPING] tag on a template?

To use the former, you select the Shipping Profile in the Shipping Tools section of the one-page lister. To use the later, you select the Seller Details to the right of the blue Select Template box in the one-page lister.

Hi. It's the Seller Detail that fills in with the tag on the templates. It worked on my other listings using different templates, so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. I tried another listing using the same template and it left out the shipping detail on that one. Something must be wrong with that particular template. It's the football one with a black back ground. Thanks for your reply. Bj
Hi Danno!
Hope all is well! I actually came here looking for help and found this thread...I am having a similar problem...filed a support request this a.m., but they have yet to respond.

I edited my shipping section of the Seller Details, saved, pulled up the listing form ( i just use the same one over and over, change categories, & other details as needed), Previewed, and the Shipping revisions will not show in preview; Preview window continues to show the old info.

I know by past experience, that if I were to list the old info would show up, not the new, so I can't list until this is fixed.

So I again went into Seller Details, saved the entire details using save as new, and renamed it (thinking this would shake the changes loose), again pulled up the blank listing form, selected the new name (next to where you select the Custom Template), previewed, and it is still showing the old info.

So, Cleared browsing history, temporary internet files, and cookies, closed everything, pulled it up again, and the changes still don't show in the preview window!

Any thoughts?

Hi Danno!
You must be taking the night off! Good!
I actually figured out what was wrong and this may help the OP.

You and I had the shipping terms spelled out in the template, not just the [SHIPPING] tag, so the template info was overiding the revision to the Sellers Details that I had written.

OP, check your template to see if you have the [SHIPPING] tag in it!

Hi Bj,

The tag is working on my tests. I looked at that listing. If you run your mouse over that gap between Payment and Terms of Sale, you'll see that some of the Shipping section is there. In looking at the code, I see elements missing. Can you copy and paste your Shipping HTML code to the practicewriter and post back the link.

Hi Deb,

Are you interested in a SophieBox with thumb and video (Catwalk) edition? The code is in test. Oh...and this is what you use to capture the HD video.

Hi Danno!
Good to talk with you again!
You've totally lost me on the thumb/video code your are working on! But, yes, I am interested in anything you come up with!

Oh, and I bought a new camera, Nikon D60...My first new pics will be in my auctions starting Monday night. I've been hard at work...have had some great sales February & March!

I'll post a pic below

talk soon!
Hi Deb,

Well, maybe a demo will help. This code isn't ready for prime-time, but should help convey the concept. Just click the Video for SophieBox to switch to Video mode, and Thumb to go back to Thumb mode.

You could literally have your model walk (runway catwalk) in the item and film with HD video cams now on the market (like the Kodak) that create a .mov file you can upload to YouTube for storage and playback to listings. You could also add videos about the making of an item or an About Me video.

Hi Deb,

Glad you like the idea. You'll have to let me know if you want to try that out with some test videos with your models. Think listing and/or fashion show for your fashion creations as possibilities.

A simple way to add the videos to the listing is a challenge. If Auctiva wants to jump on board, a series of [VIDEO] tags would definitely help the project. The player you see is the standard Youtube "Chrome" player. I used the YouTube Chrome Player (it has the built-in toolbar at bottom) for its instant recognition over building my own. Auctiva should think about their own version using the "Chromeless" codeset.....just a thought. Wink

The widgets/codesets I build will be free with maybe a few exceptions for add-on services that I host or license. eBay keeps changing direction on what they want to do, and that's influencing my decisions to some degree.

I see your new Nikon D60 has really improved the photos in your listings. They look very Pro. Makes the Store Window section look Cosmo-mag-spread, which is exactly what I was targeting with that design.


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