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Originally posted by cakethings:
[QUOTE]I shopped at a grocery store that DID charge for bags. I could bring my own and save money - I liked that.

I know that store I shop there and they do charge for either a paper bag or a plastic bag.

I charge a flat rate shipping. I always ship Priority mail. The boxes are free that way. PLUS, customers receive their package faster. Alot of times I recycle. Meaning, at my work place I'm always getting boxes and bubble wrap from shipments we receive and because I sell alot of antique glass I also use the shredded material from the office shredder so thats also free. I think I do pretty good in just charging the flat rate. My shipping charges stay low/resonable and that is what keeps my customers coming back.

For sellers that do not have the same priviledge then I agree adding in that cost either by putting it in the handling (which to me would be the true/honest place to put it) or in the shipping is ok AS LONG AS ITS NOT OUTRAGEOUS!

Someone earlier posted there is a formula to find true cost to add.

Donna your story scared the CRAP out of me so I think I'll be doing a DC on all my shipments.
Originally posted by Moonandstarman:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by cakethings:

Donna your story scared the CRAP out of me so I think I'll be doing a DC on all my shipments.

I'm hijacking this thread...So sorry!

Moonstarman...The template looks GREAT! Really great!

Be sure to use your new logo that's in your auctions...use that for your store logo!


If you need my help, lemme know!

Take care, Donna
PS. Check out my new logo for St. Paddy's day for my store and my ME page. <smile>
Smile I have added to several of my listings (though I don thave it in template) the total if they buy it now, the total cost less than $10.00, $15.00 whatever it be. This is always on Buy It Now, and sometimes in Title line, too. It helps show, look, the other guy is $.01, but is charging you $8.00 for shipping a t-shirt. It shows the full value, and my sales increased. I list too in my ads, to make sure you check out your favorite seller's store, where we discount items to rock bottom pricing. I believe my sales have increased! Auctiva definteily increased store sales for me!

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