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I logged into my account this morning and was greeted with thousands of error messages. What are these? Some are for items that were not ever in Auctiva but were in fact added via ebays list same as. There are way too many of these to check. 2400+ have this error:
Warning encountered during automatic listing migration.

Unable to replace legacy gallery

250+ have this message. Admittedly this group is old listings and some are running in ebay now - Error encountered during automatic listing migration. Please end and re-list this item to update manually.

Condition is required for this category.

Anyone else have problems like this?

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These errors means Auctiva could not revise those particular listings on ebay. Ebay has strict requirements for when an active listing can be revised; for example, if the listing is going to end in the next 12 hours or if it has a bid for auctions, or some older listings were listing prior to ebay making a field required for a specific category, like condition in your case (there are many other criteria as well), ebay will not allow the listings to be revised. In those cases where we automatically attempted to revise you listing to remove active content, but ebay does not allow it, we provide an error message so you have an awareness that some other action will need to be taken for those listing(s). Where ebay allows it we are automatically removing active content, when ebay does not allow us to automatically revise a listing, we let you know.
I had 74 errors. " Error encountered during automatic listing migration. Please end and re-list this item to update manually.

Error updating eBay listing
Does this mean that I have to revise every listing? I currently have over 700 listings. I don't have the time or energy to revise all of those listings. I have another thousand not active because they are out of season.
@itsjustme, nope you should not have to revise every listing. For the cases where the listing met the ebay revision criteria, Auctiva automatically revised the listing. In the 74 errors where ebay did not allow Auctiva revise the listing automatically, you have a few options:

  • end the listing and manually fix the active content and relist.
  • leave it alone, and ebay will block the active content, which depending on what the active content is, may or may not have a visual impact on your listings description. You'd need to review the listing to see.
  • relist the item, and if the listing does meet ebay's revision criteria (say for example it has more than 12 hours left before the end of the listing), we will automatically remove active content via our active listing sync process within 48 hours of it's posting.

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