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My eBay auctions ended on Sunday evening, and some of my buyers made immediate payments minutes or hours after the auctions had ended. However, it often takes Auctiva up to a day to update sale > transactions. Then Auctiva has a TWO-DAY LIMIT that the sellers have to buy insurance after the buyers make payments.

So, if you consider the fact that Auctiva takes a day (and sometimes even almost two) to update sale > transaction list, and the two-day limit Auctiva has on purchasing insurance, that means the sellers actually have ONE DAY to buy the insurance. That is a reasonable time frame. If Auctiva wants to set a time limit, then Auctiva has to update sale > transactions faster. Or, on Auctiva sale > transaction page, allow seller to push a button to update the transaction list right away.

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If you cannot purchase insurance for an item for this reason, please file a support request and we can apply the insurance to each item for you. Just be sure to include the item numbers you would like insurance for. You can even request this before the transaction has shown up and we'll add it for you when it does.

We are working on developing a system to import these transactions more efiiciently, but until we're able to finish that, this is the alternative.

Your input is appreciated.

I just found out how frustrating this can be! Item sold Tuesday ~8pm EST and was paid for immediately. It wasn't in my ended sales Wednesday, and Thursday morning the entire site was inaccessible for me. Thursday night at 11:30pm I checked and the item was there, but insurance couldn't be purchased because it had been more than 48 hours since payment was made.

I know I could email Auctiva and have them purchase the insurance, but with the move I thought they might be preoccupied. So I purchase insurance elsewhere.

The 2-day limit is difficult for me as is because I don't usually do my paperwork until I am ready to ship and I don't usually ship next day. Add in some late-night purchases and I'd miss my chance to purchase insurance on a lot of things. Sometimes life takes us away from the computer for a day, ya know?

If the reasoning for the limit is so we don't purchase on a delivered item... well, in rare instances, I've had a buyer pay for something in the morning, express-mail it that day, and they have it the next day.

If you want us to use the insurance through Auctiva, make it easier to purchase it and give a broader time frame. U-pic themselves don't seem to have a limit imposed on how long after payment you can purchase insurance.

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