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We had an ad taken down by a VERO member for the first time the other day. We sell a particular watch that generates bids anywhere in the neighborhood of $50 to $90. Here's one we sold a few weeks back:

You can see in the title the word "Tank". That's a general term used to describe a watch that has a rectangular case with thick bars running down the sides (reminiscent of a WWI tank's tracks). Well, apparently, "Tank" in reference to watches is a word trademarked by Cartier. A VERO member representing Cartier had eBay take down the ad.

Never mind the fact that a search for "tank watch" excluding "Cartier" brings up hundreds of results ( Mad ), but ours gets taken down.

What I'm wondering is, is it OK for us to contact any of the bidders to let them know the situation (and that we were unaware that "Tank" was a trademark of Cartier), and to inform them that we will be relisting the item, minus the offending terms. I can live with the fact that we can't use "Tank" anymore in the ads. Sellathon data indicates that not a very big percentage of people searched for that term anyway. What bothers me is that customers may think we were trying to pull something shady, and they won't come back to bid on our items. Is it against eBay policy to contact them?
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Ebay pulled one of my ads a month or so ago for 'Keyword Spamming' with the word Barkcloth? in the title. I thought the same thing...I'd contact the back bidder, etc. Except that when they pull the's as if it NEVER existed. So, unless you have all the ID's of the people who bid...well, good Luck. I also wrote Ebay...with NO reply! I relisted it (without the 'offense' term) with a BIN and sold it IMMEDIATELY.
Then you're 'in luck'. When Ebay pulled my ad, they notified all the back bidders...Lord knows what they told them in that email. But none of them ever contacted me about buying the item or if I was going to relist it. I was a bit intimidated about re-listing it 'cause Ebay is now implementing a new policy for 'repeat' offenders and if you get enough ads pulled Ebay will suspend you.
Originally posted by krz:
Then you're 'in luck'. When Ebay pulled my ad, they notified all the back bidders...Lord knows what they told them in that email.

The email they receive from eBay states that your ad was pulled due to an infraction. It doesn't narrow the reason. (at least that was the message last time I received a notice)
It doesn't sound good to a potential buyer..oh no it doesn't.
Clarification would be nice on eBay's part.
My hopes are that your item is up soon and selling.

Tabberone was redoing her site last I heard.

Thanks Donna. That's great news about tabberone's site. I think it's an invaluable resource, really. Besides having a ton of great advice and info, it's also an interesting read.

These watches sell like hotcakes, so I'm not so much worried that it's going to hurt us much - I just don't like losing potential customers because of these VERO nazis.

Who would ever think that you can't use the word "Tank"? Even sites like use the word to describe non-Cartier watches of this type...
Did you ever think that one of the competing sellers on Ebay was the one that tattled on you? I had something similar happen where my listings were cancelled but somebody elses weren't. Something about the descriptions being stolen. Well there's only so many ways to describe something. Anyway, I made some major mods to my wording and reposted. But at the same time went hunting for others that were still active. I know who did it, but why he singled me out, I have no idea.
I received an email from another ebay member today telling me to get one of my auctions off ebay.
Dear Sir or Madam::

Your listing offers a counterfeit or otherwise unauthorized item that violates Creative Fitness, Inc.?s Patent No. Des.348,706. As the authorized representative of Creative Fitness, Inc., we request that you and each and every person or company affiliated with you immediately and permanently cease and desist from any sale of the ?knock off item? that infringes on this Patent. Remove your listing immediately. Ebay?s Vero department has been notified.
Horizon Specialties, LC - also had an email address....

I have not pulled it,, I figure ebay will do it soon enough. I guess this person thought I might sell it....It is funny how I try to sell something to help others, yet I have run across 2 women were pretty much selling themself on ebay. Ebay pulled an auction because the seller offerered western union as a payment method & posting "links" on the public Q&A......... we have to be real careful on there........ I just learned they charge alot more FVF with a store win..... Guess I missed that..... Good luck to us all..... Thanks Auctiva for this site........ This is one user that will stay as long as ebay don't kick me for good....... Smile

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