Originally posted by MarleneM:
As of 6:35PM CST, I still can not list with Auctiva due to the following message concerning an alert regarding eBay return Policies:
eBay listing failed to pass validation for the following reason:
The selected Return Policy is invalid. Please select either Returns Accepted or Returns Not Accepted.
I have done nothing to any settings since my listings a week ago and can not figure this out. Is anyone else out there getting the same Red Box Message when trying to list. You can close it, but once you try to list again, you will get it and can not go any further. Plus I noticed that now my listings say I will accept Pay Pro and I do not, I only accept Pay Pal. OMG what a frickin nightmare this is turning out to be for everyone.

Marlene, I am having the same issues. I have even tried to create a new item, and there is no option of providing a return policy. 4 Listings tonight and all failed for the same reason...help Confused
Hi Nick,
I got my problem resolve by a friend. It's just as Jayjay suggested. Go to your pre-set profile under profile manager & click onto the checkout profile. Once it's open, look down towards the lower area & look for the word Returns. You will see a box to check for Accept or Not Accepted. Click onto the one that applies for you. If you accept, then also fill out the larger box with details. Once done, click onto Save. I did all this and it has worked. Best of luck to you and if you need our help again, just ask.
Hi Nick01tech, I completely understand your frustrations, as the refund portion is now required by eBay. Hope you found your way to it and got it all filled out and saved it. Now all I am hoping for is that Auctiva gets the Spell Check up and working----I depend on it totally.

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