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Since yesterday, every time I go to the Auctive website I get a Threat Detected warning message from AVG. It only happens on Auctiva and no other site I visit.

details as follows

Accessed File is infected
File Name:
Threat Name: Exploit MDAC injection (type 268)
Prcocess Name: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe
Process ID: 3432

Whenever I click on themore information about this threat there is no information there.

Any ideas??

Has anyone else had the same or have any idea what it is? I have deleted my browsing history and performed a system restore but the warning still appears.
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I am also getting this virus threat message. I note that Auctiva are aware of that problem and trying to fix it.
I also listed 5 new items yesterday afternoon but although they said they were being posted, none of them made it through to EBay. They are sitting in my saved listings. I tried to post one of them again and got the same response.
Has anyone else had this problem or know whether it is associated with the virus threat?
I am having similar problems. Scheduled 6 listings only 1 got posted. Error refers to "Return Policy", I have checked and triple checked this on the listing and all is OK. I am also having problems accessing my listings. It appears to be exceptionally slow, although I read on the news board that Auctiva is not running at full capacity due to server issues but they are getting on top of this.
Does anyone know when these issues may be resolved.
As of 6:35PM CST, I still can not list with Auctiva due to the following message concerning an alert regarding eBay return Policies:
eBay listing failed to pass validation for the following reason:
The selected Return Policy is invalid. Please select either Returns Accepted or Returns Not Accepted.
I have done nothing to any settings since my listings a week ago and can not figure this out. Is anyone else out there getting the same Red Box Message when trying to list. You can close it, but once you try to list again, you will get it and can not go any further. Plus I noticed that now my listings say I will accept Pay Pro and I do not, I only accept Pay Pal. OMG what a frickin nightmare this is turning out to be for everyone.
Hmmm, my fully up to date McAfee and XP did not catch it, thanks McF and M$, luckily I had just changed to Kaspersky and it found it straight away !

Auctiva is still a great site to work with, won't put me off. However it confirms my change of Anti-Virus software was a good one even though it was driven by cost, the bloated size of it and the cpu power consumption.

I ended about 36 listings yesterday because of this. Are some sort of refunds in order?? Sorry but I believe in this case that something should be done because of the money lost by so many. Even if I had left items on Ebay, anyone trying to even look at them would have gotten the attack site warning, do you think they would have actually bid on them?? I use and like Auctiva but now am really afraid to use them and not sure what to do. I can not afford to lose money even if Auctiva is free, shouldn't there be better safety precautions in place?
I just checked the pics in IE and in Mozilla, Auctiva has indeed cleared up the problem. Pics work just fine with no warning. I too have 55 auctions listed and have missed some business with this difficulty. I don't feel Auctiva should issue refunds to us, after all the site is free and I save a lot in pic fee's by using them. I would also like to point out that they worked very hard to get the system back up and running as soon as they could. I understand there are still a few issues that they are working on and have faith they will clear those up as soon as possible. I will just eat the money in fee's and just say Thank you to Auctiva for working so hard to fix the problem.
Well its not Auctiva's fault there are so many hackers and the like wreaking havoc for personal glory or criminal intent.

It's a fact these days if you use a PC on the internet these days without adequate protection it will catch anything going. The biggest problem as far as I am concerned is how much to pay for the protection and does it work without needing a degree in firewall engineering and networking to set it up to allow what you want like important e-mails to get through.

Certainly had fun with taht over the last few days Frown
Well....kinda speechless huh Eek

This is my first time here since my last post on the 20th. (Hi Choo) Yes, running constant scans is certainly no fun, and it's even worse now with no Auctiva at all Frown

But I feel SO BAD for them, worse than for any of us. This was major major BAD to have to take down a whole website! Remember I met all these folks at Ebay Live and they are a GREAT bunch of people. To have this happen to them (and all of us) is a catastrophy I wouldn't wish on anyone.

And I'm sorry, but the one who said some kind of refunds should be in order is just being foolish. This was HARDLY Auctiva's fault.

Well gonna go run another scan now *sigh*
I for one will stick with Auctiva till the end and I hope you all do too.

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