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Greetings, I am still on the fence about opening a Wagglepop store. I have been reading all I can on their site to gather the info for myself. Waggle Looks good. Confused But I am curious, is there any advantage to having a store, when the store items are NOT in the general search. Unless you are using Online Auction or OneBid Instant Purchase. Both of these listing formats and the item would be available only for a max of 7 days.
Thank you all for reading this and any answers that follow.... Cool
My eBay: chelsea-s-treasures
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I too am seriously considering opening a store. If I understand correctly when you have a store you can list the item in any format, auction, one bid or store inventory. You just can't have the same item in store inventory and say an auction. According to their boards, you don't pay extra on top of your store fee to put items in auction or one-bid. In other words you get gallery and can choose the listing format, with no limit to how many things you sell. If this is the case it is a great deal. The final value fees are also the same for stores as well as for items that are listed without a store. Check out their selling boards, that is where I got this info. Hope this helps.
Originally posted by chelsea-s-treasures:
But I am curious, is there any advantage to having a store, when the store items are NOT in the general search.

I queried Waggle on their internal search engine this past weekend and how it works.

I searched the community boards and couldn't find anything concrete one way or another.

I don't want to be at a disadvantage with store items NOT showing up in general searches. (i.e. eBay)

I'm sure I'll hear back from them soon.

If you hear first..please keep us apprised.

Originally posted by chelsea-s-treasures:
Greetings, I am still on the fence about opening a Wagglepop store. I have been reading all I can on their site to gather the info for myself. Waggle Looks good. Confused But I am curious, is there any advantage to having a store, when the store items are NOT in the general search. Unless you are using Online Auction or OneBid Instant Purchase. Both of these listing formats and the item would be available only for a max of 7 days.
Thank you all for reading this and any answers that follow.... Cool

Chel - Did I email you tonight on aol? on a subject from TGIFRIDAY?

Greetings, Thanks all for the answers.

Ewonder, no I didnt receive an email.

Liz, the link is great, BIN and Auction for an item can only be used for max of 10 days and has general search. Store inventory would be available for 30 days does NOT appear in general search. I really cant see the difference between Waggle & Ebay stores. Auctions are free for store owners but you still have a limited time frame to keep them in. I am not sure Waggle stores are perfect, as so say the forum boards. I dont have multiples of any item to offer both auction and BIN features. I deal in collectibles from the "50s and '60s. I rarely FIND any doubles. I am still sitting on the fence Frown a little disappointed.
I looked at your site. Is that your doggy? A Yorkie I am guessing. How absolutely sweet. I wanted one but couldn't afford the $$, so I got a Chihuahua instead. The one thing to consider is that you sell one of a kind items and so I would imagine whether you had them in store inventory or not they should show up on a search. Usually the items that get bumped on Ebay are when there are tons of them. I love vintage jewelry, and have bought some recently at an estate sale. Its all costume, not worth much, but I bought it for fun. Still looking for Miriam Haskell real cheap (LOL)
Take Care,
I listed a handful of pretty well-known beauty items (H2o+ , for anyone familiar) and, out of five listings, literally did not get a SINGLE hit...none of my auction counters showed a single person looking at my items.

I was hoping Wag would be a good alternative, but now I'm looking at paying ten bucks for five listings that would have sold on eBay, but didn't get so much as a glance on Wag.

And now cancelling my store = cancelling my waggle ID entirely because of the system they've set up for nixing a store. Not a very good place for subscription flexibility. It's a shame.

Yes, Liz that was my little Yorkie Treasure ~ Chelsea ~ hence my name. She died 2 yrs ago.

Most costume jewelry is now worth a lot more than you think, especially if it is signed. Even signed Japan, that is dated from the '50s. This weekend I just happened on a yard sale and found a Kramer set, necklace and earrings and a pair of earrings by Weiss, both for a steal !! Total cost $3.50.

Moodymama, is there a fee to relist an item after 10 days. Couldnt find that info on WP.
So sorry about your baby dog. What a wonderful tribute. Ok so now I better go back and look for Japan. I do have a pearl collar necklace that I know is vintage, it has a label on the underside which is fabric. The pearls are sewn on. I have a few Lisner earrings, and one set of Monet, but I think they are more recent. I also have some funky ones that look like Bakelite, just not sure. One necklace looks like jade, but really resembles Bakelite.
Got a question for you wagglepop users. Last year that was a big big story about how they just shut down. no warning and people were PISSED Mad

Do you think its safe to go back? The owner was interviewed by somebody not sure who and he said he was being bombarded by hits and could not keep up. Whether it be good or bad traffic. So he just shut down all servers. No warning just closed up shop. People were worried about their personal private info and he stated that all servers would be destroyed along with their private info. In fact I think he got suied by a few people that had things sold and was preparing to receive payment. But now could not complete transaction.

Just wondering how this will work again.
Originally posted by moodymama1024:
If you have a store, there are no additional fees other than final value fees. Listing and relisting is included in your store fee. You can set it to automatically relist so you never have to touch the listing again unless you want to. It is a slower site as far as sales since it is new, but i have had a few sales already.

I apologize in advance for this being extremely long! Eek

Help me out please! I've been trying for 12 hours (i'm not kidding or exaggerating) Mad I can not get anywhere on that site. I use IE and firefox. IE doesn't let me do anything except see listings but not individual, When I clicked on a listing to view up close and even place a bid it timed out. I can view community boards but not post a question or reply. NOW if I use Firefox I can post questions and reply BUT I can not list anything. Everything is "Can not find server" Mad

NOW I use to have those problems here on Auctiva so I did what I use to do to gain access to Auctiva. Run Window Washer, clear cache, run spysweeper, reboot. That didn't work either.

Here is what I posted to the tech board

HELP HELP. I've just signed up today. I'm having many many problems. Nothing is working. I use Firefox and IE mainly firefox. I have posted in a another thread (didn't see this here) all my problems. Now I have more. 1. If I use IE in the community section your boxes for typing text is waaaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom. Everything is way down at the bottom. So I post a reply or topic and hit sunbmit. When hitting submit it comes up with "can not find server" I thought well I just go post an item and see what it looks like and get familiar with the site. Wrong! Click on "sell" page loads up good. BUT it says Limited Account" What does that mean? I dont want to sign up a store just yet because i want to get familiar with WP first. So I checked the box for "online auction" hit "continue" and it says "can not find server" OK so i switched to Firefox got the same exact problem BUT when I get to the community everything is sitting where its suppose to be so I click on post a topic to ask questions. When I get to the page to type my text the box is a LOOOOOOOOONG rectangular box that when typing its only 3 words wide. But I can post to the community. So while waiting for responses I thought I would try posting through FF Wrong Same issues as IE. Can not find server once hitting "continue" So I thought I use your "Help" link to report technical issues. Wrong can't do that either just "can not find server" what is the deal??????? The only place I can do anything is post here on community with FF with "narrowed" boxes.

Sorry for all of this here but as I said earlier there is no other place I can get to to work. I'm really anxious to get started . Do I have to have a store to sell? I don't think that is cool. I will eventually but not right now. A Quick response would be greatly appreciated so that I can get started.

Here is what they responded with:


Firefox is not an approved browser for Wagglepop, for many of the reasons you describe.

Visit the Help Center page below for more information:

Web Browser Compatibility

Karen - WP Customer Care

I dont want to give up but if this doesn't get reolved soon I guess I'll have to. Glad I didn't put to much time into this. ROFLMAO!! To much time??? 12 hours isn't to much is it? But I dont like giving up so if you can supply me with your secret that would be awesome. But I have to admit it does linger in the back of my mind if I'm having this much trouble just viewing things then how am I going to be able to sell anything if buyers are having the same issues.

OK I'm done again sorry for being long Smile
Greetings Starman,
I asked a lot of questions on WP but browser was not one of them. I only USE Firefox, as Rick posted. If the site is NOT compatible with FF then after sitting on the fence WP is NOT for me. Foxy closed her store and now her name is up for grabs by someone else. That's BS. We ~ sellers ~ need another venue for auction.

I sold my FIRST Off Ebay sale this weekend. When I got the email my hubby thought I was having a stroke, I was soooooooooo excited.
my shop is ~ chelseastreasures Smile
with wagglepop they send out a weekly sales report... this past week something like 725 sales....but this is mostly seller to seller sales ...there won't be any real sales until a site has a million or so items..

buyers love to go to a site .. see a search box easily.. put in a search for their interest and see many items in their interest about to end... this is the whole key in building a REAL competitor to feebay... No sites as of now are getting any real sales ... with all sites even bidville if one puts in ones interest like civil war... they only see about a 100 items and this will keep buyers at feebay.. NOW yahoo is the one only exception .. they have nearly 700 in this yahoo over all others has this better... BUT they don't have the potential to GROW to become feebays competitor for many reasons... so if one uses yahoo use it only for now possible sales because its free....

I see only 2 sites that has the ingredients to grow and become the competitor that brings sellers real sales and profits and ALSO forces feebay to lower fees drastically and then sellers make good there too at the same time..

the 2 are blujay and wagglepop.. these are the 2 that sellers should HELP BUILD... and yahoo auctions and ecrater also use to bring sales for now....

overstock charges too much to be included in with yahoo and ecrater as NOW sites for SOME sales...and overstock with a name that buyers will not enjoy coming to cannot be built as a real competitor....

wagglepop and blujay are both very buyer friendly.... they both present one items in a very quality and expensive manner ..clean and vibrant sites...but with wagglepop... their search box is prominent on home page one can put in a search easy and fast for their interest.. and then the list comes up in a quality manner.. and right besides the list with pics is all the info needed displayed for the buyer easily and quickly.. i did not like the one bid thing on that line.. BUT now i see sellers don't have to use that.... and EVERYTHING is so CRYSTAL clear for the buyers.....the price.. the shipping... the feedback score..... and now since wagglepop is past the $11,000 monthly income soon they may surprise again with some neat advertizing .... wagglepop has the NAME where one can advertize in so many different ways and a name that can catch on fire with the public.... this site would be the MOST THRILLING site for buyers.. now blujay has alot of potential also.. but theirs will be the peaceful and calm and beauty of nature feeling.....

bidville's name will keep the growth down...and people will just feel its a village for bidders.....people are so tired of seeing names of auction and bid on a site they are saturated and has made buyers tired of them... plus buyers don't want to just hang around and bid anymore unless it gives them a THRILLING feeling or a Peaceful nature feeling.... only wagglepop and blujay fits this...

so to me... best to pay 10 dollars a month to help grow the best chance site waglepop... then list on blujay... and yahoo auctions and ecrater since they are free. BUT we have to let a site have money in order to advertize... wagglepop already is the 2nd site other than feebay with enough money to advertize just from their operation...

with these four one also would have 3 of these in froogle and one yahoo with a nearly a million listings that helps buyers browse.. bidvilles 1 million is mostly in sport cards and has not much more than wagglepop in a variety...
yes.. it will be good to see sale completed items... but we need to understand that sell-thru ratio is NOT what sellers need most to know... it is which site gives the BEST profit to a seller....with feebay during the free list days sellers made much more profit even tho sell thru rates went down alot.....

so maybe someone will come up with a chart covering all sites for this much better real guage of what sellers need.
BUT UnTIL we get charts of sites that show seller profit to really show us who is the real competitor of feebay.. the next best chart for sellers to look for in order to see the best potential is look at revenue coming into the site... revenue then brings advertizing ...which brings more buyers .. which then brings more paid sellers which then brings even more advertizing and and on and on upwards...wagglepop has the name to use in many ways with advertizing .. so this has a domino effect already started.... so THIS CHART shows wagglepop as the best potential site for the real competitor.......
I'm all about supporting the little guy, but thus far I have 'donated' over forty bucks to wagglepop, without a single sale - and more importantly without a SINGLE HIT!

I priced what I had (high end cosmetics - would have sold on ebay) below eBay's going rate, and even ate some shipping costs - three times I discounted them, three times I relisted them, three times I was dissapointed.

Not selling, I can almost deal with. But no one even looking at them? Sorry WP - no more ten buck donation for you.


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