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I understand what you are saying and I agree that there are many unprofessional sellers on eBay. In fact, I would suggest in my 10+ years experience, most sellers are unprofessional. That said, what I and most buyers care about is good service. I pay promptly and I expect the seller to deliver promptly and safely - and, I don't really care how unprofessional they are - this is eBay after all.

The other important point that should be made, most sellers are subject to, subordinate to the eBay system. Frankly. the eBay system has not been seller friendly. I.e. - if you buy something you pay for it or its not yours. Ebay lets buyers fiddle around and pay at their leisure sometimes days or a week or more later - that is not right plain and simple. So, what is a seller to do? You start out by asking nicely, then you plead and then you demand. Unfortunately, within the eBay system, buyers can do as they dam well please.
I am sorry but I need to be clear here. eBay creates these bad situations by their unrelenting desire to soak every seller on eBay. They make millions every month on listing and relisting fees. If they cared about a good transaction between a buyer and seller then all they need do is institute a simple (standard to virtually every other ecommerce site) protocol whereby the listing doesn't end until the buyer pays. Think about it!
This article really "missed the mark" in places. Main reason seller puts certain phrases in red or makes them stand out is not to "yell at" customers, it is because people do not read.

I get emails all the time with questions for info that is clearly in the listing! Prior to my foray into Ebay, I was in management. I noted all the time that people do not read signs, instructions, forms, etc...

People may not want to be screamed at, but clearly if one does not "hit them over the head" with info...they won't get it.

As a designer, the different color draws the eye to it, so highlighting, italics, different color draws the customer's eye to what is important to read.
Well... hee's the thing.
Although inappropriate there are several really good reasons why a seller might post those things on the auction.
NUMBER ONE: getting Ripped Off! having stupid people bid, decide not to pay, eventually getting suspended for it and going right back in too create a new id and start all over.
so what if they don 't pay.
They don't have to care.
eBay doesn't MAKE them care.

The authors.
Looks like they have written a lot os self help sales book.
The article is written probably the same way the boods are written.
All about teling you what was wrong on an autction and making NO effort to suggest what SHOULD be done.
They point out problems and offer NO solutions.
That is useless.
But if you are a clever writer you can imply that thee is good help on the way and end a book saying so and never giving it
The whole things is an incitement to promises never delivered on. I haven';t read these books, but I would recommend the prospective buyer explore as much as possible on amazons "liook Inside" feature and see if this is true of these book from these authors or not

I on the other hand have a solution.
Professionalism, Humility, and Civilized COMMUNICATION!

If crooks stand you up... report it and relist.
CALL EBY and talk to some one about the problem./

I have had a LOT of problems after ten years of NO problems and I can trace all these to two changes eBay made.

1st: Sellers can NOT leave appropriate Negative Feedback!

2cnd: The Buy It Now system NO LONGER WORKS.

every opportunity I have I make helpful suggestion to e4bay CSRs asking for control of my BIN which I pay for, and the RIGHT to leave a deadbeat buyer appropriate negative feedback.

There are consequences for buyers and sellers.
the consequences for sellers is public.
the consequences for buyers is NOT.
We are new to this Community, and glad about the site.
We have been buying and selling on ebay since 2004 under 3 user ID's.
And ebay is making it worse and worse for sellers, If they want to keep customers happy, they need to think about who is keeping them in business.
The TOP RATED SELLER thing was the worst thing they did besides doubling the fees. It is unfair to the ebay community as a whole, it does not include sellers who sell 90% or more of their items overseas. It only goes off the USA sales only.
We sell vintage clothing and I would say about 90+% of our customers are WorldWide, and overseas, it is a lot harder to make them happy than just the folks in the USA. We have a 4.9 DSR rating in our 100% feedback, and can't be Top Rated Seller because we only have a handful of USA customers.
You can put it in red, yellow, or any other color, but people looking at 1 or 2 paragraphs of sellers 'rules' will probably not bother to read it.
As a buyer, it really turns me off to see that and I DON'T read it. I read the description, pay right away, and hope the item is as described. If not I know I am still protected.

As a seller, yes it stinks to be prevented from leaving negative FB to bidders that don't pay, but there are procedures for that scenario..I send an invoice on day 2 and open an Unpaid Item on day emails asking if they're gonna pay, cause they either will or they won't. I have no rules in my listing, just one sentence saying payment is expected within 4 days please. After all, I know no one is reading it Wink And no it's not fair at all to the sellers but we can't do anything about it except file those reports and get our fees credited.

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