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I've got a customer who claims her box was never delivered.

DC says the box was delivered.

I double-checked the shipping address to the address she has in eBay and PayPal - no mistakes.

DC says the box was delivered to different city, but the same zip code. I see this happen in about 10% of my boxes, so not a big deal.

I suggested USPS might have dropped it off at the wrong address and we wait a couple days to see if it comes back here.

But if not - then what?
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It wasn't a PO Box, was it? It could be sitting in the wrong post office.

I guess even if it was a street address it still could be sitting in the wrong post office. It seems like the sorters would figure it out but who knows. Or maybe someone did figure it out so it's just been delayed.

Maybe the customer could call the post office in the city DC says it was delivered and check?

How strong of a case does DC really make when a customer files a claim with PayPal? (Assuming they paid via PayPal.)

I don't know, that's all I've got.
different city but same zip is fairly common. what happens is townships sometimes share a po, and while the address for the house might be one city, the zip is another one. (if that makes sense)

luckily i've never been in this situation. the closest to this ive had was one time a buyer apparently had the delivery person hold it for a bit before delivering, cause he filed a not-received, and once he got a replacement, the next day he told me that the original one arrived and that he had refused delivery on it. then the next day i get an email from another person asking for lowest i'd take for the same exact ring, in coicidentally the same size.

since at one point the customer told me he was friends with his delivery person, i think he and friend were trying to pull a fast one and get me desperate to sell an item and sell it cheap.

I've still got the extra ring, and no way am i going to offer it online cheap. i'll sell it at a fair for cost before i do that. (state fairs is our primary venue).

back to your prob. have you provided the person with the fact that DC shows it delivered? if not, i would tell them that it shows delivered, and suggest that either a family member knows where it is or that maybe it got delivered to neighbor and to check with neighbors. and if all else fails, to ask postal delivery person if s/he remembers delivering it.

hopefully it'll magically appear.

i'm about to call and fuss at post office here myself, parcel i waited and waited on, come to find out they delivered to another house in neighborhood. which, it's a small neighborhood, so i got it. but took an extra week to get here cause has been sitting on their porch all this time while they were out of town Frown meanwhile, the rebates for the merchandise inside have expired. if i cant get them to honor the rebates, even though late, will be out $100. and you'd think that the po of all people would know that around here the even numbers are on the south side of road. but anyway...

best of luck with your situation! hope it gets resolved. if doesnt get found, hopefully insurance will pay up even though DC shows it was delivered. (or will show up when the buyer finds out has to write sworn statement that it got lost and that falsifying it is insurance fraud and a felony)
Thanks for the input...

It was a street address.

The customer knows the status of the delivery confirmation info; she actually forwarded it to me with a message that basically said "I don't understand, I never received the box."

It's a good idea to have her ask the mail carrier whether they remember dropping it off...

Something about the whole situation gives me a bit of a red flag, although I can't quite put my finger on it.

I'll keep you all posted if anything goes horribly awry.

I had the same thing happen during the busy christmas weeks. I simply sent the buyer a copy of the computer print out I went to the post office and had them print for me,showing it was delivered and told them I was sorry they didnt recieve the package and if it didnt show up in a couple days to take it up with the postal carrier.

I mean in all reality what else could I do except refund for a lost item. This is why I strongly recommend on my listings that they should purchase the insurance..and for really expensive items..I either require it or buy it myself if they choose not too..Its worth the couple bucks, Just in case.
you might also call the PO yourself and ask the person that answers the phone to ask the mail carrier if remember it when the mail carrier gets in from route and to call you back or leave message bout it for you to pick up by calling back.

if it's a small enough po they should be willing to help.

easiest way to get ahold of the po direct, is to google the township name and 'post office' can often find it on chamber of commerce websites, etc.

it's a longshot, but might be worth trying

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