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Let us say for example I am listing individual photographs.

I create a 'similar' listing for speed - then why is the old photograph photo still visible 'create similar' does not mean the 'same' photograph.

So I have to delete the photo (it took months of complaining to stop the eBay gallery photo showing - and if you deleted the top photo first by mistake then 2 pop up boxes appeared to add to the time taken to delete the old photos)

Can you not just add a 'sticky' to tick or untick for example 'KEEP PHOTO'?

Why is it that Auctiva coders cannot see that speed is what listers need.

The page needs compressing too - to have to scroll down to submit for example - showing so many photo boxes as standard is ridiculous.

Now you have made it even slower by adding this new photo uploader - yes the old one was buggy at times with the Java, but compared to this where you have to go back into the uploader and choose photos is madness.

Do you expect me to upload 200 photos and then try and find each one when I am listing the actual item?

I list one by one - description then photo - it works faster (or at least it used to)

Are you going to give us an option to use the old photo uploader?

When uploading the listing why not switch straight back to the listing page? What is the point of the blue scrolling 'uploading' waiting time? This works in the background surely? I do not need to watch the operation! I need to get started on my next listing.

Come on Auctiva? 90% is flawless and works better than anything on the market, but you need
to address the issues that slow us down unnecessarily.
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Hello listingmad -

I can understand your desire for the issues you have mentioned regarding using the Create Similar feature and have passed your comments along as feature requests to our Product Management team for their consideration.

In regards to the newly release image uploader, the behavior you seem to be describing was an issue when the uploader was first release which we have subsequently resolved. If you are continuing to encounter an issue where the uploader page is not adding the images directly to the listing when you are working from the lister page, please be sure that you do not have the uploader open elsewhere. If not, please be sure that you have logged out of your account and cleared the cache of your browser since this occurred and try again.

If the issue persists, please let us know your system details and the details of this experience in a support case so we can look into it further. You can file a case at any time from under the Help tab of the main page of the Auctiva site.

- Craig
I would find having an option to start a 'create similar' listing without the images from the previous listing very useful. As it is, I use anywhere from 4 to 12 "optional eBay gallery images" and must 'remove' them one-at-a-time for each listing because the "delete all" button deletes all but the first image and leaves no 'remove' link to remove it (a "bug" I reported years ago that hasn't been fixed). An option to start with no images is a great idea and would help speed up listing preparation.
Hello HudsonRecords,

Unfortunately, at this time, using Create Similar does include the images from the base listing, however I can certainly see the value of your request and so have passed this request along to our Product Management team for their consideration and will update this thread just as soon as any new information regarding it becomes available.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you think!

- Craig
I agree with everything the OP said. Auctiva's team needs to start working on making this tool faster. It hasn't progressed in years. I mentioned this before, but why is their no way to delete multiple image folders. I use one folder for each listings images and I'd like to be able to delete multiple of these once they have sold. Why is this not possible? The team at Auctiva really needs to start making some improvements to the system.

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